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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Retirement of the Princes.

Climbing up and down a mountain with platforms is very..... healthy =o= But it was fun XD

More coming later, when I get the whole thing XD


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Monday, May 24, 2010


*stares and learns*

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sink like a stone into the dark where no light can touch
Like the jade
You’ll still shine, when you sink into the sea


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Saturday, May 22, 2010


I put brocade on my guitar bag =o= I hope it can work as luggage bag o_o

And this morning before CAF screening I got 9 rolls of PVC plastic just to get the cardboard rods inside for Takiko's naginata. =_= Well it was very useful during the screening. Dunno what to do with all the plastic tho OTL

the connecting part:

Making the blade:

Finally had a reason to use my "letter opener". It's sharp enough to cut foam nicely =o

It's misshaped =o= must make the bottom part of the blade thinner... I fail at drawing lines. -trim trim trim-

It's fucking tall ~o~ hard to wield... practice~


Time Recorded: 8:53 PM


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Thursday, May 20, 2010


White lies are inching further to the truth. This may be the line that's drawn to keep the truth from spilling out, now that I know it must never be revealed.

Without school to use an excuse, I had to tell oto-baka I'm going to buy materials to make stuff. Lately I've been making alot of stuff, and he asked why, so I had to say I'm making a costume. I had to further reveal the reason, CAF. Or as I told, Arts Fest, which is now becoming an external event. Feeding info little by little, I'd let him assume the worst, so that I know what info to deny. haha. I suggested I'm the one wearing the costume, which was opposed strongly. So casually, I said "I don't have to be the one wearing it~ anyone can~". Thus it became the lie which I will have to depend on to survive the event. He mentioned that I don't need to participate in the event, in his usual pathetic annoying whiny tone which I objected to with the flames of my resolve burning bright =_=. Seriously now, how can he say something like that and then at other times say he never interferes with what I want to do. What fucking logic.

Anyway. My worry is, after only 3 years, I managed to touch the thin red line. How many more chances will come by before I fall, or retreat? Especially when I'm making my stuff openly, chances of slipping is high. Maybe I should have my costumes tailored from now on =_= Even that might not work... ugh~

Enough of that, next entry must be on cosplay progress.

Time Recorded: 3:38 PM


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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Towa no Hana~

Pretty much decided I'd use this song for CAF perf.

It's a good song for performance. Upbeat+traditional+rock. Perfect, in this case XD

Made me rewatch the last fer episodes of the anime... Got freaking goosebumps all over again~ WAAAAHHH~~ O_Q NURIKO. HOTOHORI. NAKAGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.


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Monday, May 17, 2010

CAF~~ Snake-turtle Priestess

Had CAF meeting on Saturday. Glad that it's happening again, BUT THERE SHOULD BE MORE JUNIORS SRSLY NOW. OTL ~ooosssu motivated to start on costume~ It's kinda worrying tho... we only have 2 months to prepare. -panic channel on-

When it finished, I had some time left so I found myself at Arab Street with an empty bag. I didn't bring reference pictures. wtf... stared at a pile of cloth for about 2 minutes before deciding I couldn't possibly find the right shade off memory. che. So I went to an internet cafe for the first time in my life and made a print of Takiko's outfit =w=

Found the pink satin quite easily... then I went to the velvet shop and surprisingly found a suitable green~~ The purple satin for the sash was a pain in the ass. I made the guy stand there for like 3 mins while I compare the cloth to the picture. I must've said "no" like four times before I found the closest match. Closest but still not really the colour... it was 08% too red. But I bought it anyway coz I could feel a dangerous aura coming from the guy. ahaaaaaaaahahha;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Didn't find beige cotton.... the trimmings were too expensive and ribbons there were like 10buxarollwtfgodie. Soooooooooo I'll have to get the missing pieces from Chinatown.

Total amount spent= $31

I woke up today wondering where to get 4m worth of cardboard poles. I guess I've decided to make naginata because I need something to do on stage. Not just lift up my hands.

Cagalli is almost done... I just need to figure out the skirt before I can finish the top. Oh right there's the orange obi thingy to do. And green court shoes. I just discovered that they were called court shoes. urgh... I thought court shoes would be something cooler....


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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fergus. Kagari. Crowns.

Bought dress shoes for Fergus~~ I didn't expect to buy it. It just happened. OTL
And I'm working on Cagalli's top~

The back part of the neck supposed to be flat but I can't do that unless I cut the cloth following the curve so I just did it the yukata way. weow. Doesn't look too bad that way so I guess its fine. I wanna make the skirt a circle skirt but I didn't get enough cloth for that. DAMN FAIL. Trapezoid skirt it will be...... I must do circle skirt some day. with trailing back. wee.

I don't know how to do the sleeves!!! PRINCESS SLEEVES SUMMORE. gwaaaa~~ *stuck*

It is so good without otou-baka around. I can work freely without coming up with dumb reasons why I'm doing this shit. He was asking about the crown. What project I'm working on. What the fuck maaaaann. HOW TO CONTINUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. fml. Takiko will be shitload explosion. Cannot hide TwT

switch at the back lookin like shit.

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Because I'm stressed at 3 in the morning.

May is fluttering by without notice @_@

Cloth Road is supposedly due this month. I need to get Fergus' shirt and shoes. I might just sew the shirt myself... it looks too country to find in Singapore.

Guess I'm not doing the black arm gadget thingy because I still have no fucking idea what it is =_=

After that is Cagalli. I already have the cloth... just need motivation to start drafting patterns OTL
And get the damn heels.

At the same time, I should be working on Takiko's. Rousi made it sound like the event is still tentative @_@ which is driving mixed feelings in me. Panic and relief. Which doesn't mix well.

On top of that, I need to fix up Arrow's costume before she outgrows it and never gets to wear it. oh crap OTL

After that is some relax time. Slowly work on Rose~

I am in need of money, badly. Inching nearer to selling off Natsuo's stuff. -hyperventilates thinking about it- I rabu zerooooo.


Time Recorded: 3:07 AM


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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

shit rainbows n piss glitter~

100% or not?

top: jil (red base), bottom: bel (silver base, shall add more red)


better lacquer it properly or the glitz will get on our wig @_@


Time Recorded: 10:16 PM


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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Red Garden update.

Omg. The last time I spoke of Red Garden was eons ago when the idea first popped up. I haven't updated on the situation. =w= back then I didn't think that anyone would be remotely interested in cosplaying it. But it turns out, Gladys will be Kate and Aki will be Claire. Now we need a Rachel, but I'm not confident at all we'll get her. weeeehh~~

It is said that we will appear at AFA o_o

I hope so~

Now back to sleepless despair.


Time Recorded: 6:04 AM


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Monday, May 3, 2010

Cosplay-related Wish List

So I've decided to write down a comprehensive list of things I want to achieve which is related to cosplay (not want-to-cosplay list) so that I may one day look back and realize if I have or have not fulfilled happiness =w=
I can't think of any more...

Time Recorded: 5:04 PM


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