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Monday, April 28, 2014

outtakes etc

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Schrodinger's Experiment

On Good Friday and over the weekend, Schrodinger's Experiment took place /o/

We did try to get photogs but even after constant reminders, they managed to "have something else on" right at the last minute and then disappear. pfft. Some humans just monologue highly about themselves. It's alright. Zero Antiquity don't plan to rely on anyone but themselves and this extends to this team as well.

Originally our plan was to do full uniform and gear on Friday, casual on Saturday, and free and easy for Sunday's BBQ. But on Thursday night, we decided to switch Friday and Saturday's plan for the best (and it turned out to be the best thing). 

We met up at PS on Friday to change, and after a havoc at the restroom, we're set!

-pic stolen from Kai

WHY IS FI NOT IN THIS PICTURE?? Fiona volunteered to help out for the shoot *____* Thank you so much *____*

Vader joined us after a morning shoot and we're grateful for that~ Walked over to Fort Canning.. I brought two gear units out and Hange brought hers. The walk... gaaah hahahha my arms. Jean-boy show-off help me carry halfway... rofl. When we reached the iron gate, we saw more SNK cosers. LOL~ Christa. And then Jean and Mikasa. Can't remember. We heard the sky rumbling =w=. Moved into the gate, and soon, it started to rain 8D I'm glad my unit is quite travel-friendly (don't have to be too delicate with it) but having to set up everytime is uggghhh *wave wand* Sweat raining down my fringe as I set up both units for Hange and Levi. Hange end up not using her own unit xD

WE MANAGED TO TAKE THIS SHOT!! aaaaaahhhhhhhh I think it was the only shot that my brain was completely intent on..

Levi's so badass \\\o/// and I'm at the back all ninja-like \\\o/// *happy*

Waiting to see if we can get higher res for print compilation.

more pics later when we've decided some stuff. (i always say more pics later but end up not posting ahahahah lets see if I do right this time)

After Vader and Khaikhai who happened to be there(?) left, Ymir and Hange gave us gifts \o/ 

Print from Hange's trip to Japan! alright we have to shoot some of these scenes..

Handmade shirt from Ymir! I knew she was up to something that had to do with our characters but didn't expect this!

"Like a titan" came from a joke from one of our meetings as I chugged down twisties... it just snowballed from there. We decided we'd wear them to the BBQ on Sunday ;D I'll wait for pics from Ymir's cam to show everyone's shirt.

I think it was 5-ish when we packed up and left. Ate at Justacia.

Bert n Christa went to the toilet...

Went back to Grandma's place and kept gear there for the next day. Friday went by so fast so we thought we'd start earlier so we can finish earlier. Christa and I got ready and harnessed up, then set up gear at grandma's and then cabbed to venue. Thought to meet at 10 but I reached at 12+ HAHAHA. We finished gearing up and moved to the fields~~ 

In the end we started the time that was originally set, 1PM. 

I BROKE A FLAG POLE. F ME. Tried to plant it into the ground and it just snapped. ZZZZZZZZ. Used a branch to substitute but that broke soon enough too. lol we're just too rough with stuff.

Heichou arrived with 2 boxes of Pizza soon \o/ Had a lunch break after a few shots in the sun. 


IT. DIDN'T. RAIN. THE WHOLE TIME!!!!!! See it was the right choice to flip plan!! 

And this is my fav shot from Betholdt's cam:

so comfy on the ground...

LOL if i shop me out it makes a nice ymir/christa shot!

The light was pretty at around 4-5. We packed up around 6 I think?

Some of us went to nex to get drinks. Ahhh that was a tiring one.

The next daaaaayyy... il continue later. wana edit pics

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

time is never time at all


havent made the pole... lazy sia carve.

It's thursday, wtf. Shoot is next week. shalalalalal I still don't know how to bring Sarah out~ Friday big problem... public holiday... excuses all gone.. seriously idk wtf to do o_o I am horrified. Why did I do this. Pretending to be free does not mean I own my own soul. this is so stupid. Source of heartbreak since forever ;D won't recover if something irrational gets in my way this time.

homg. -panic-


theres still a chance.

this is suicide.

but wasn't it always suicide. every step =D

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Sunday, April 6, 2014


feeling abnormally simpleton today so i thought I'd get some things done.

Wall maria flag~ okay this took less then an hour. what.

and because simpleton naturally originates from Zura, I finally took out the cloth that's been hiding for god knows how long. Sat down and handstitched the whole thing. continuous half back to front panel, hidden stitch for neck strip. 

i dont even wanna know how many hours it took. at least i made the insides neat this time.

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