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Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Too many dreams in slumber. I don't want to initiate something that can't be seen through. Time is possibly running out on some fronts. But I don't intend to let some things go. I understand there are conditions and limitations of reality but creation is despite all that... okay that's like obvious. i feel stupid saying it out loud. lol.

Took different paths from the start. The road unfolds effortlessly as predicted. Until somewhere. Maybe the game will call for a change then. Kind of feels like a fatal mistake is lying in wake. Sounds faithless but it's really just unavoidable? It isn't even a big deal coz really, there's too many antidotes lol. As for my own intentions, auxiliary still in the cosmos coz that's where it belongs. It's not hard to understand. It's not hard to listen to what wants to be heard.

all this blahs and its still the same actually. hahahahahhaha. urghhh see this is why i cant deal with feelings. it just leads back to the start =_=;;; like wtf is your point?? why you keep rebooting?? bored isit?! nabei... waste my brain cell just to make it chill out.

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Monday, August 24, 2015

lazy to elaborate

having to really consider the possibilities...

its been a long time coming but it never felt significant

ive stretched this year further than it was supposed to

it makes sense

everything makes sense so its fine.

Not being part of something means you can't fall back from it

create the ground you stand on. thats always been the case. so its fine.

These things are real, the ones that can be held on to.

It's fine to lose important things because that's how you change.

I know some things that I want to do. But there are so many things I can overlook.

I dont know if time passed with understanding. It didn't seem like it a lot of times.

That lag. I hope for whatever's sake, it's worth it.

They are all just ideas to make you feel better. I keep telling myself this but I doubt Ive managed to use it effectively.

I'm hungry~

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

EOY somewhat


or something

but in my head i'm rambling about SNK movie. hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnyyyyeahahahahahhah

*deleted because it became a rant about humanity*


Am listening to the hollywood press conference and and and TAT~~~ like all the yes my SNK feels all there when watching the movie. What Haruma Miura said *insert blood*

Did Preventers for Day 1. Day 2, went for movie with Schrodingers' and then dropped by EOY a bit with Kai and Xu Yun.

first pic- outtake hahahah

Duo: Is my hair okay
Trowa: no. *pats fringe down from far*

I dont wanna post nice photos hahaha.

They way people look when they recognise your character but aren't too sure themselves. hahhhahahahaha =D And then when you walk pass again, they ask to confirm. hahahaha~ Not much variety this year. But more colourful than last year, maybe? LL and Touken. Trendy things. That's what people do, being relevant and stuff. A few gintama. Kancolle. There was a Kikyo. Quite a few Utapri. and many others I dont know. No gundam. Tho I heard there was a Heero after we left. Hot as usual. Actually idk how ppl expose skin under sun. The thought is horrifying.

I'd rather sweat like this.

There's bed hair, and then there's wig hair
disgusting hahahaha

Okay next day ~

I was rolling in bed not wanting to get up. When I got up, I had like 50 mins to get ready. Huurrr. Actually went out like 15mins late but managed to reach suntec macs first. phew. Yuui and Yukio were right after me, and then Theam Huat. Kai stubborn want to drop at esplanade instead of promenade ahahha walk one round. I went to put on lens and wig.

Never thought I would do him coz Xu Yun already Armin. Eventho its my wig hahahaah--- Also a lot of ppl like Armin I didn't think my meter could pass that invisible threshold. But it did with combination of movie and new chapter and Kai's casual mindfucking. lol it doesnt take much to convince me. I dont even resist. Another blondie. I can do Kanata's version too with Soujiro wig. 

XL our Bert is missing cuz she went Malacca ;w;

Yuui's new special Smith coscard and I picked out a good timing. Kyahahah~ 

Did we look antisocial? coz it wasnt like that haha

Mother arrived with Ash, Khairah and Minion.

Bought F4 tix for the underaged kids.

Armin, Hange and Eren with Bert desu.

Can you see ppl.

My two little sisters "came into the wrong theatre" and so they stayed =X

Can tell that the guy a few seats from me don't know the manga/anime from his reactions. Ahahah~

I like the titan sounds. When they first broke in, sounds like "hoshi hoshi hoshi" chanting. Damn that was creepy. I'll admit some of the violin music that was meant to set mood was so off hhahaha. Stop trying to be humans, humans. hahaha~~

Done with movie! Eyyyy see none of us were bitching about the movie being bad because it wasn't. I enjoyed it more this second time~ And to see if both times were a fluke, I'm gonna watch it one last time. I focused a lot of Kanata and yoooo Gackt-mini is so guuuddd. After some chattering, we parted ways.

Eren, Heicho and Armin off to Marina Barrage

Kai's bag needs showing off

We're on another kind of wall


I kind of just didn't notice Heichou was wearing a wig coz it just looked right.

Saw this otw to Grandpa's house where the rest were

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

new card?

my stack is diminishing. uhh brainded no ideas...


 ya ok

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Thursday, August 13, 2015


This plan is only under the condition that nice galaxy print cloth is found.... so far nada.. i have half the mind to dye own cloth.... but.... mendokuse. i want an excuse to make corset too. aaaaaaaa


Time Recorded: 12:03 AM


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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

do i gtg sch yet

plans plans....

Preventers for EOY

Nuriko is like 60% done. I'd forgotten I made progress. lol.

Haldir... havent even finish gathering refs

Relena. Bought cloth. im not ready to be responsible for the mess this will be. hahahhaahha

Recent addition would be.... Love Live! So yeah... I finally caved... My main girls are Umi and Hanayo. This caved in way more than Touken. Gave touken a chance but it didn't burn like Love Live did. hahah. I might join others and do Honebami tho.

Military police... the only progress is that i found the jacket pattern i thought i lost. hahhah.

EOY on the 15th. SNK group movie on 16th. The week after that is natsu maturi! Not cosplay but heck. ahhhh looking forward to it. Bought cloth from spotlight. what the heck hahah. costed 40bucks each so thats like okay. really like the cloth *w* Crinkle obi from taobao. Kai's on the left, mine on the right (duh). I didn't bother with reinforcement collar i hope its ok...

SNK live action premier was on 1st aug. Jessica (I wanna call her Haldir but the name already appear on top) gave us the tix she won from Chara expo. Lol I hadn't thought of going because tix were freaking 35 bucks. Father was away so that made going out in cos easy. I borrowed Yukio's boots and Kai borrowed Jean wig. Bought uniqlo's legging pants coz my old pants were big and got grass stains haahhaha. Made modifications to the hip wrap so it would go under the belt.

i thought it would be troublesome or something, but i wanted to bring the blades at least since no gear. so i told kai. she had the same thought. hahahah phew i was worried for nothing. laadeedaa, went out in full cos minus boots cuz i dun wana ruin em. 

Rico and Jean at giant to get snacks
kay now i realise jean why you look weird hahaha motion

Nice people there =D

most of the gang.
damn i so fat ar? hahahaha looking at this lineup i shud cos reiner.

this was after movie, i already exchanged boots.

Went home after gong cha. cha cha cha

-insert invisible garrison wall of text spoilers-


hm what to wear for next screening

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