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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


In all my written cosplay plans, I've missed out the month of October. Somehow I was under the strange impression that it went August-September-November. I'm terminally stupid D=

Halloween is in October. That's how I was reminded of its existence.

I want to do something for Halloween. It's a convenient excuse! Instead of dressing up and having trouble explaining to people the simplicity of doing it for fun, using "Halloween" is apparently much more acceptable to muggles.

Except, I really don't know what to do. Preferably something I can whip up from whatever I have. Probably don't have much choice but to do so. $$$ It's possible! I can feel it.

I miss Natsuo's wig ToT

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

landom post

bloody hell. Acrylic yarn can't be dyed. I'm a fucking genius~

That's ok I have another idea 8D


ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I just realised September is going to be a hard month to sneak out for shoots. ohhhhh man.

Why do I have so many cosplays this year? It feels very heavy. Oh wait that's just me. I need to loose fats.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Tora is blind. Camera busted O_Q NEED NEW BODY!!

Flames of potterhood was rekindled as of late. It just happened out of nowhere. OTL

It saddens me to think that all 4 died in the end TAT

Bought some yarn a couple of days ago and started knitting. wahhaha~ first time knitting. Made a lot of mistakes =o= now gotten the hang of it.

It's a lot more than that pic now =o=

Out of yarn already, shall get some more before I die of boredom

Changed the design of the original robes coz it was too close to my Rook =o=

I made an empty Marauder's map. Couldn't figure out how to replicate the movie's map, so I made it up 8D it opens up to 11 different pages. And a headache to use. I can't even begin to think up what to fill the spaces with.


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Thursday, July 15, 2010

i'm posting too much.

aiya... wear sunglasses oso senget...

My accessories still need a lot of work. Just now practice I tried wearing the beads at the skirt. -shake head- phallic machine. maaaan. And I'm going to need black platforms. there's no way the dress can hide my shoes all the time. Can I like... cover my white ones =o= Hey. I can! with velvet! But I'll have to buy some or there won't be enough for Rook.

Link to Cloth Road Shoot part I

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Towards Destruction

The day before Saturday's shoot, Aki and I actually went to the National Museum to cover some shots since we have so much planned. The security guard let us off, and we didn't even know it at the time. (the next day, he went "you're back..." im like ";;;;" I WANTED TO GO IN FROM THE BACK OKAY)

Waiting for Yuu-chan to finish editing... then I can start =w= The above merger is not counted!

So in the mean time, pics from Tora~

Camwhore~ because I'm insufferable.

Stopped by LJS before making our way to the destination~ I've never gotten that much cheese before ಠ_ಠ

ME-LON~ Jennifer's idea of a lunch.

K bye~

I'm gonna get sick of all the Cloth Road posts -_-

must. finish. TAKIKO.


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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Courtyard of Stone and Glass

Slightly regretting not going to TGX o_o

It seems like a better place to see good cosplays compared to cosfest. (this is a lie)

OH WELL~ Yesterday, Jen, Ferg and Yuu-chan went out~~ We met up at Illuma, changed, and then went to Wyrrd Rune's booth. Yuu-chan bought Black Order while I stared longingly at Eye of the Nile. I don't have money o_q. Some time in the future, I promise to make myself a proper Egyptian-inspired bracelet. kuhuuhuu.

Walked to Arts Museum and had a couple of shots taken there. Weekend security guards suck shit. After that we headed to Raffles City Shopping Center for a break.

On to National Museum next~ walk walk~ most of the way I walked behind them, wondering why they're walking the long way... but still I followed...

And then later realized that they didn't know where they were going afterall OTL D'oh

Finally, we got to the Museum Courtyard!! I have wanted to go there for a while but never seemed to pass it. I don't know why but it feels so cool to stand there =o=

Here is Yuu-chan in position to shoot the bar. Compact GN Bazooka~

This drinking fountain actually spat out water for a few minutes! I dunno if it does that automatically or someone was trying to amuse us. But we dare not try to drink it. ahahaha--

There were some stairs that went up and up... and.... I'M SO SORRY JENN. I REALLY AM. holy shit -panics like shit and din know what to do- I promise never to doubt your fears OTL

Went inside and was told that if we wanna shoot, we have to pay... the second time someone told us that... we got to know the fee for photoshooting in the museum is $170 for 3 hours. ahem. hm. That's not supposed to apply to non pro-ish camera right?

Lets end with this amazing button...


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Cosfest pics of 0A

Got cosfest pics from Yuu-chan today~~ *today's shoot on separate post*
Minor editing to photos~

First up, Day 1- Gundam Seed Destiny. And an extremely small number of other cosers OTL

AsuShinn FTW

I'm a troll. I'm a troll. I'm a troll. I'm a troll. I'm a troll. I'm a troll. I'm a troll. I'm seriously needing that gif of Arthur saying "She's a troll!" gahhaa. Now back to business }D

Met Kira~ the one who got freaked out by Aki at AFA last year. HAHAHA---

YUAN TAT'S GIN. ~rabu~


*manyl raeps*


Oh oh, this next one! It was supposed to be Athrun and Cagalli, but I was showing what angle to take from, and then lo and behold, they were meant to be. They look so good together I'm tearing ヽ(´∀`ヽ)

End of day one XD

Day 2 - Cloth Road

Retardedly playing with ribbons. rawl.

We were talking about the Big Bang on this one. =A=;;

THE END~ Of Yuu's bunches of pics.

Some from Aki's camera~

This is a mighty long post of pictures OTL.

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

blue vs red

Ohohohohohoho--- *yaoi old woman laugh*

k now i feel like doing Sophie-baachan. D8

Wanna do Cloth Road shoot tmr!! but have to wait for Yuu's reply... Today's CAF practice is cancelled, so I could use that as an excuse 8D

-pic stolen from Aki-

~trolololo reads book~

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Monday, July 5, 2010

Cosfest day 2

Day 2.... First time come so late... and semi-observe why cosers always late OTL

Changed at Kembangan and continued waiting~

And then found out that the trips were wasted. Reached Downtown East at like 3something. Wasn't in the best of mood then. I can enjoy being depressed and in pain, but not pissed off. Which I was then, pissed off -_-

I even forgot to camwhore with Jen. In fact there ~are no~ pics of Jen in Tora.

Except this one.

Worst, forgot to take epic Jen. omgggggggggggggggggggggggggg....... -stabs self-

Arrow came even later. And left 2.5 balls at home, so her costume wasn't actually complete. garr.
Yuu-chan already left by then... TwT

Fringe sucked so I cut it. Arrow spam~

I have no words without pictures OTL
Maybe in a few days, I can say Cosfest was fun. But not now.

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cosfest day 1

Just camwhore and nonsensical pics from phone.... Real pics with Aki And Yuu-chan TwT~ Screw me for having no cam~~~~ lalala trouble ppl only~

Anyway.... I woke up at like.... 6? Prepare costume.... Bathe.... Then when I finished bathing and got out of the toilet, Oto-baka was roaming around D8 HOLY MOTHAFAAAAAKAAAA MY COSTUME EVERYWHERE, DINING TABLE, IRONING BOARD, HANGING AROUND~ -cough cough- silently grab pieces and shove at sewing machine and tell him got CAF practice.

Reached Hougang Mall at 9 and started changing~ slowly Aki and Yuu-chan got there... and viola~

Junko trio~ Btw, my Cagalli is the president of ASU-SHIN FC (so says Yuu-cha), so I've had the pleasure of ditching myself from Athrun and lettin the two go rabu rabu. Theyre not very into it... yet. hoho-

bleah bleet blooo sheeps crossing road and stuff, we get there... Eat at BK, then wanna enter the dome....

First thing we see when we get into the building?

Takiko and Miaka.

Not just any version of them, but the very versions which I went like ~hey nobody here done this before I'm going to do this~ No, not just want to, I've already started on them. That Takiko. They were good.

I feel like a bug....


I feel like the hair on a bug's feet.


The whole thing is just amusing.

Ok not amusing. It felt like my bone marrow was sucked out with a swirly fun straw. -despair-

Unlikely coincidences are bound to happen, even in this puny spec of a country.

Dragged my ass around like an ass (Shinn, learn from meh 8D) troubling Athrun and Shinn to no end with whining about it and leaning on Athrun because I CAN'T FUCKING HANDLE HEELS. I have dude's feet. The shoes are narrow. And one size small. And pretty high to me. Really, it was mortifying, being dried of bone marrow and walking in those. I did warn them I'd be bitchy anyway. *salute Aki for surviving her Saya shoes*

Some time after, we went for tea break.

Stuff Yuu-chan bought. homg, there was nothing there that compelled me to purchase. D8

so like here's some crap shots.

Seriously stripping ;D

I think it's safe to say, everytime I cosplay, confirm got ppl talk to me in chi TwT~ I'm sorry, I really should start to at least understand a bit? But I really dooonnnttt---~ =o=

Got shot by Usagi~ Who still can't recognise us, and either think we're from Malaysia or Indonesia. Should I have anything to say to that? HAHA~ OTL At least he remembers me as head thing from CAF last year... after I told him, again. GAHAHAH~ SO FARNY LAR. But its totally fine, because we have long accepted our indistinguishable (is that a word?) faces. So liek, he rocks for taking awesome pics and for starting the fires of passion in Shinn and Athrun. It was beautiful -wipe tear-

Met Cloth-road dudettes ~ this is one I don't mind being bested at 8D so awesome OwQ COME ON MORE MORE MOOOOOREEEEE!!!!! YUUUU CHAAAAN I WANT PIIIIICS YARRR.

Met other SJCC peeps~ and and and like... other ppl, you know. Yeah.

When it was suddenly 6 o clock, Me and Athrun headed back~ Shinn joined us shortly after, lawl~ I couldn't feel my ankles by then~

Got to Hougang mall, went straight to Cotton On and bought flats =w= a white pair and red for Miaka (wait so I'm still doing it? guh idk). oooohh~ I also bought sunglasses. I felt like a total female yo, buying shoes and sunglasses with 2 "dudes" who totally acted their part.

Then to toilet to transform 8D

into a twitty piece of mess. I'm the only mess I mean. Shinn is in original state 8D

I have something to complain at this moment..... I HAVE TO TAKE OFF PANTS TO TAKE OFF STOCKINNNNNGGGSSSSS. -haven't soaked feet yet like Yuu chan advised-

guuuuuuhhhh........ -throws self into toilet-

BUHBYE I GOTTA PREPARE FOR TMR TOO~ Still got stuff to make O~Q

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