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Monday, June 29, 2015


I guess I'm quite satisfied with my patches. but yo. like after completing everything. we realize we got the the P logo wrong wtf.. hahaaaahahaha this always happens and like it just keeps happening.

Look at the diff between mine and Kai's tho.
Mine look like kid got lazy with the colouring page. Basically how I used to colour with a colour pencil. And Kai's reflects her colouring preference. lawlll. 

damn. mine really look embarrassing.

speaking of embarrassing. I took a boatload of selfies on Thursday when we went derping at Gundam Docks before it closes on Sunday. I scroll my camera roll and I'm just embarrassed for myself. hahahahahahhahaha.

When was the last time going out in cos for like. Fun. lmao. So free and easy.

I still can't believe this damn setting spray costs 48 bucks (actually that doesnt sound very expensive). It's good tho. Need to buy more. I don't really want to split with people because I assume the spray nozzle itself is designed for the use and using a different bottle would mess up the product. You poor buggers (team schrodinger), I feel like an asshole holding on to the bottle. Why you gotta be so ex.

When we put on the jacket, instantly feel like security guards I can't even. And then we put on the badge and just..... no.

Be free of censored id tag

this was when i realised... eh taka ceiling nice

See my bag strap? 2~ Duo~ get it? aha hahahahaha hahahahaha i only saw that like 2 seconds ago

If we were to do shoot for this two...
I can't really come up with anything D=
Would be damn epic to have a full team.
I'd make three other jackets if I had the mojo but I dont TwT
haha. woes of living in a cave.
but thats alright i dont think im easy to work with.

heeeeyyy managed to snap duo on screen while they play openings. Endless Waltz~
Fucking spazzed the shit out everytime just communication or invoke starts.

This was already dark outside~ the floor *A*

Zaku minions

Thanks uncle for taking this shot for us~

I'm lying. I merged 2 pics.

This is James.
He's new to Gundam but he noticed our jackets and asked for a shot. For that he borrowed a blue jacket from Strict-G that costs like 600 or 900 or some ridiculous price that I can't even remember.

So damn nice. So damn unattainable.

But anyway, welcome aboard, James. Hope to bump into you at events 8D

Am I done embarrassing myself yet?


yeah I'm done.

For now.

Good night.


Time Recorded: 11:23 PM



Funan Anime Matsuri

Glad I didn't throw away this ugly mask. lol. at least it looks better than my face.
Yay found excuse to do Litchi... 

Because of this backdrop booth:

lmaaaoooooo so right ☆

upload this coz it looks cool haha.

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Time Recorded: 10:19 PM


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Monday, June 8, 2015

shud i make my own saber

DBS event on sat. like only a few cosers. i took fuckload of selfie. lol.

all my lens expired oredy OTL

nothing to cos. haha. my wardrobe sucks.

got to HP toilet to piak on wig and makeup.

Then just nice when I finish, Kai arrive.

give boots a break. wear blue shoes. 

The walk thru dragon boat event. stare at buzz lightyear shaped ppl

legendary milo truck!!
Fani gai look at mi fone with milo merlion out of ear

whai the truck gone afterwards. i want more milo

There was this aircon space and found peeps. usually just pass by, this time get to chill yesss.

and then shiki..........


apparently got cosplay guests. dat was there. reli not many ppl there sia. whaddaheck come selfie~

dat say "you got a nice camera on your phone" lmaaao I'm like "yaaaa" hahahahahahah

really leh s6 cam nice. ill be exploiting that feature....

see ppl hug him no feeling to ask. then go home me n kai were like ... regret not asking for hug HAHAHAH fucking losers HAHAHAHAH he seems cool~ and Tessie, so long nvr see... hahax.. /remembers very very old times/

so we left our bags inside and went out into the sun. me cb go look at lightsabers asking how much. got 11th sonic screwdriver ver sia. but 300. aluminium custom parts. cool ar. then i point to the other sabers on the table like i didnt know it was the members own hahahahha why i so cb. anyway knife come then someone lend me n kai sabers so i macam yaya fillet self coz swing around and hit self. kai prefer katana lmao. ya i know. im the one who like to swing stuff ard, she cool head thrandy look down on ppl.

i know i look like dumb shit head but do i care? no. i want lightsaber. id join the group but i very lazy find excuses and lie to go out when they have sessions. everytime got chance to commit to sth feel this heavy thing made of worthlessness and stuff. cos stuff already taking up the other points thats not really mana but linked

came back into shelter and sat at guest cos chairs coz nobody. hahahah. behind there got toph n zuko drawing.

aircon blast

almost 6 so we decided to walk over to esplanade.

lol here again eat ramen. in cos get more naruto. what the heck lol. then go home.

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