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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

right under my nose


on another note..... just let me cry T________T

my heart breaking into pieces before I even know whats going on....

daijoubu desu....


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Sunday, July 28, 2013


right eye supposed to be for Cagalli, left eye for Rico. but I think I'm going to use Rico lash for Caga. Why suddenly the lash effect look off~

This morning, Sarah tried her lens. nyeheheh moeeeee


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Monday, July 8, 2013

Cosfest Heart & Soul



First day was SO FUN!! Ran on no sleep but didn't feel as drunk as I used to. Reached pretty early, and the place was deserted. Changed into Soujiro but when I looked into mirror, I saw Shinpachi. HAHAHA. DAMMIT SHINPACHI YOU RUINING MY DREAM COS. Soujiro is second on my list of all-time fav characters and I've been wanting to cos him for very long but I know I look horrible in hakama TwT. Day 1, suck it up and just have fun with it. Was watching RK the night before, and all the feels coming back hngggggg. Saito/Sano interactions are so classic. And I learned a lot from Soujiro. Not saying I'm like him at all =A=;; but those values, I take them with me.

It was so hot inside the restroom TwT Yuui came with Yuki -friend from Malaysia- and XL when I was almost done, and they got dressed. Yuui as C.C., Yuki as Mirai, and XL as Kagami. Kai appeared I don't remember when, as Otoya. Cut C.C.'s wig (we didn't make a mess) and stuff, then marched out. It was still only 11 and the event is supposed to open at 12, so the group made their way towards.... somewhere idk because I saw a long queue inside the dome and I panicked and went in to join it. It was for Reika's photobooks and photocards! Greeted two cosplayers from Malaysia who were doing Storm and Miku in the queue. It was their first Cosfest, so I hope they have a good impression of the event!

I suppose somewhere along the way, Kai et al noticed I got misplaced and found me in the queue hahahah. I was saving place for them, but there were like five of us and not many people behind me so they took their place properly, and I joined them after done chatting with Storm and Miku.

Spotted Knife as Anji so I charged at him and snap pic. 

The booth is supposed to open only at 1:30. They issued numbers so we could come back later. Our numbers were 50+. Went to subway for lunch(-ish). I've made it a point not to have meals during cosplay events anymore so I had a cookie and shared a drink =w= 

Reika's photobook obtained before Reika brought them in for the event hahah~~ KANCHIONG YO. In case can't get, you know. Spore crowd very scary with limited items. We went back to the queue afterwards and saw that people weren't queuing up according to number D= -panic- That got settled when staff-san arranged the line before the booth open =] 

I kept running out of the line to bother people. trolololol. Well I had to, you know. There was an RK team just hanging around a few feet away. Went over to say hi a bit >.< 

HEEEHEEE~~~ shadow clones~~

And I only noticed Levi with them after a while OTL 

And then there's Yumi xD

With Yining & Sherene and Kai at the background ( i think this was taken quite a bit later)


There was a huuuuge CCS team with many card cosplays and THERE WAS HOPE. ALSKDGJBLKDFG. HER WINGS WERE SO INCREDIBLE AND FLUFFY AND HER DRESS SO FULL (☆o☆) I wanted to camwhore but she was resting and I didn't wanna be rude ;w; Gave my Nothing coscard  xD

Soon, we were getting close \o/ Target: Kyojin photobook. Had Reminders out as well, coz wanted her to sign on it, but seeing her so darn busy handling stuff, end up wishing others would give her a break. Really, shouldn't someone handle the sales for her? Hard-working Rivai ;w; But so darn adorable ;w; I asked the staff if autographs were allowed but they said not now, since the line was long. It was really long ya'll. Bought Kyojin Photobook and a Rivai photocard and I accidentally messed up Ren photo stack so Reika had to rearrange it and I'm slapping myself YOU CLUMSY FOOOOOL. I gave her my Tachibana coscard and she's so frikkin nice and alsdjfbkghfjdlsjf. Kai was after me and she handed Reika the Star Bouquet+Merly+Card after buying stuff. OTL OTL OTL -HIGH LIKE FUCK-

We went out to the grass patches to look around afterwards. Saw RK team again and decided MUST CAMWHORE WITH BOSS OR WILL REGRET FOR TEN YEARS. So I did. So many events, I look out for Shishio, finally he appears, while I'm doing Soujiro on top of that. KYAH~

I stood a few feet away from Himura-san while he was talking to his friend, and just kept smiling like the good freak I am. Until he noticed and went eehh--? -looks at me, looks at team member Soujiro-  XD

HANNIBAL AND WILL PIC IS WITH YUUI. GYAAAAAAAAAAAAA ///O/// and their cards were so bloody pretty you know TwT~~ 

Went back into dome for aircon to find Tatsumi-san hanging around Coscard Exchange booth and I tapped his arm -ALREADY NUCLEAR NOSEBLEEING TOUCHMYBADEH- and asked for pic. I REGRET NOT ASKING FOR CARD WTF SO WHAT IF LAST YEAR GOT ALREADY OMG STUPIDDDDD. ;w; Kotori-san (cosplaying Syo) was nearby too, and Kai the Otoya took picture with her~

Found Xu Yun and Fiona, but Fiona didn't want to camwhore xD

Went to look at the booths again. Bought a Saber keychain with Kai for Kitty who wasn't coming that day. And I bought a Colossal titan keychain for Sarah. WHY I NO BUY KYOJIN BADGES D= 

THEN SOMEONE PERFORMED 1/3 NO JUNJOU NA KANJOU ON STAGE. OMFG MY FAV ANIME SONG HAHAH. Right after that, Sabbie sang Sobakasu. RK COMBO ///O/// While she performed, I was staring at 2 rather tall cosplayers doing Kenshin and Sanosuke. It was bloody intimidating and I still feel like a smurf thinking about it but I approached them for pic. -hyperventilating-

OMG my inner Soujiro so fail. TOO MANY FEELS.



Bump into Namae-clone (Mitsurei) as Makishima~

And then went out again, wandering around looking for people.

ATOBE AND OSHITARI MY HYOTEI OTP OMG WHY THIS DAY SO AWESOME PLEASE. I bet this is how other people always enjoy their events, what have I been doing all these years OTL


Changed out at like 6 or something, took the bus with Kai ;w; TIRED~~ 

Made Sasha's waist wrap when I got back home. Decided to leave the straps for the next day, and rely on safety pins.



At the end of the day, time passed by so quickly. 

I waited almost an hour for a cab... picked up Kai & my gear (TROLOLOL to people waiting for cab there and thinking my arrival was their miracle) before heading to Downtown. We camped at the mini train trcks to suit up. Kai fixed her Yamato coat and I fixed my 3DM Gear on. It's so hard to put on ToT. And some parts came off before wearing. It's ok there's double sided tape. LOL~ Took like... an hour? Yuui joined us and dressed up for Tieria. I forgot my wig net which I used as a hair tie the day before. Was just going to use my serkop (wtf is that in eng?) like I did before, but Yuui had an extra. Arigatou ne~ She end up saikang for me to pack up afterwards trolololol.

When we entered, Reika-sama, cosplaying Jean, was in front of her booth, posing for photos. That was probably around 2.... Jonty was deep in my bag so I just stared. She excused herself from the position to go to her duties, I think. When she walked past me, I stretched out my hand and she took it, and then thanked me, which is really supposed to go the other way around... REIKA-SAMA, I THANK YOU, OKAY. I THANK YOU DEEP DEEP. -continues freaking out- What her autograph but it's okay now ;w; Kai and I put our bags down. I took out my potato for breakfast/lunch. Ahahahah it seems quite a few people recognize potato girl.... I lost Kai and Yuui many times but it was really easy to find them back for some reason...

You know one shitty thing? I didn't buy anything that day TTT_TTT Want Kyojin stff but most were gone. Garrr.

There was more standing still then fangasming, although there were a few moments. Kai and Yuu spotted Armin and Eren so we took some shots together. It was the same Eren the day before, in front of the bubble tea shop >w< They didn't have coscards, but I gave them mine, hope can reconnect. Sorry I was eating my bloody potato while posing. -can't stand still very long- haahaaha

Then we parted ways and I went to search for Kai and Yuui again... There were a number of Gintama, Beelzebub, Hataraku Maoh-sama, and others I was happy to see. Furuichi with tissue stuck up nose xD There was also Hemorrhoid ninja from Gintama holding a copy of JUMP who took my picture, but I was standing there wishing I could take his...Whenever Kai or Yuui were around, I could ask them to snap stuff for me. But I no camphone or small camera hurhur.

Of the people who asked for  pic, I could tell they recognize Sasha. Ureshii~ It feels better than when people don't know what you're doing but ask. That's not bad, means your costume is good, just that fan-to-fan kizuna is just ;;w;;~~

 Hotsuin was pretty popular, with legion of fangirls xD

Ah if only I could make drawer in toaster like Rivai-san we met. Met her before at COSMO when she was doing Midorima. She's so awesome >.< Jonty is probably too heavy though haha.

Met PoT cosers and other SnKs. Saw Usagi but he was talking to buddies so I didn't re-intro self >__<

Haru in Homestuck cosplay! I've only just started reading this webcomic, it's so darn weird xD

Kenya~~~!! Go Shitenhouji~~~

Potato bread xD

Teddy found me when we were at the grasspatch.  He was with Reyblade who was cosing Goku (Dragonball) even though he refused to act like he's cosing and fulfill other people's wishes. Haha! Dude no point denying you've crossed that photog-to-coser line!

Kai as Hotsuin Yamato

I spot William xD He's always so in character, sometimes I don't know how to respond xD

That Paranoid Studio shot me ;w; Didn't know till I got their card and I'm honoured m(_ _)m

Sometime later, I realized my reel-to-pewpewthing-connector broke on both sides. Yuui helped me take glue and lighter from my bag and brought it outside coz the traffic at the door was horrend. Don't know why it broke T-T it was quite sturdy when it first got fixed. I think I swung it around too much while packing... Anyhows... sorta fixed it, then went looking around.

Thank you people who recognized my cos and for the compliments TwT The crowd felt different from the year before. The past few years, in fact. It felt like there were more fans than random muggles passing through. I'm skeptical about the little kids who took pics with me though. You parents let them watch SnK or you just think the gear is cool? hahahahha don't mind either way. By the way, Sarah is mature enough to watch it!

Was getting thirsty so we went to 7 11 to get drinks. I was scared to drink more than my throat needs. I have a stupid bladder TwT hahahahah if need to go toilet, game over liao gear so hard to remove lolololol. Kai and Yuui went on into dome while I got stuck outside OTL I confirm that I really need to make the gear proper fixed to belt properly. Guess I'll use wires... took a funny vid shot too, that was fun. Hope the photog gets back to me on that.

I went to find Kai and Yuui and we watched some stage perf... I wanted to watch Yumi perform VIP but I was outside, listening in ;w;

Kai, Skrei, Boru Pen, and myself


Eileen xD so damn maaaannn o yeahh

*adds fire breath*

Kitty arrived and Kai and I gave him the Saber Keychain from yesterday xD Sherene appeared as well~

Met more people, and then suddenly it's 5+... I went off to E-hub to remove gear, and returned soon after in plain Sasha. Kahaha. Watched some more stage, then at 6, we went off to change. We found a mess in the nursing space. Broken props, tissue, wet patches everywhere. Goddammit people, can't you just be decent? We cleaned up after ourselves even though the auntie said she will clear for us. Humans...

Kai brought back my gear, which I am eternally grateful for. I will retrieve it when I have the chance TwT Hayaku oto-baka, get out of Singapore >_<

When I reached home I found that my older sister made a mess of her situation (dude, you're supposed to isolate problem, not drag other people into it), and that's when I know I've returned to hellhole and the weekend is over.

-Suffers horrifying withdrawals-

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