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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ginchy... again.

I've been staring at Ginchy for more than 4 hours. It's creepy. hahahhaha.

Oh look.

It's GREEN. I'm soooo brilliant.

Anyway. I think I've decided how to make the purple armor. Pleated cloth. I think it'll look waaay better than my other ideas. And some knitting for the tesset.

I must force myself to be accurate on the colours. No. More. Compromising. Not for this.

Figured out how to make almost all the parts, now going to take a break from this till I get more materials. Maille weaving will continue in the meantime.

I am going to puke.

And then sleep.

Time Recorded: 4:51 AM


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Friday, April 22, 2011

Ginchy sword planning

Length: 160 cm (5'3'')

You shitting me? That's taller than me. hahah. Calculated proportionally from Ginchy's height, and it's definitely shorter than 160 cm =A=

If I made it proportional, it should stand at my shoulder's height. Which I'm going to dumb down, because it looks ridiculous. Shortened it to chest level, and the length turned out 111cm. Thats............. 50 freaking centimeters shorter than original. hahahhaha. maaaaaa.....

I feel a bit psychotic, calculating everything according to scale, down to the mm. But the math was fun.

OH SHIT. It IS too small. oiuytrdsdfghjFFF. Shall increase everything by 20%. Time to use Excel. Length will be 1.33m. Maybe I'll wear heels or something.

Time Recorded: 2:11 AM


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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The ecstasy from yesterday is finally fading, but there are still aftereffects that are different =A=;;

ah well.

Keeping stuff here coz im not on my com right now.

Time Recorded: 6:25 PM


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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ginchy maille


Got started on maille 8D

It's so logical I'm happily confused. But I might be getting the hang of it. Hyaaaa~~

Crap! I'm still dreaming! stopitstopitstopititsimpossibleeeee

Going through my folder of Ginchy cosplays.... and.... and.... HOW COME MOST OF THEM SO FLATTT. =o= Empty tin bra! 'O'

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Time Recorded: 10:49 PM



I'm in cloud 9 ~w~

I erased each character's background.... and suddenly hours passed D=

And then I realise Gracia is way too small. She's supposedly only 2cm shorter than Ginchy. But I didn't save the PSD of all the layer D= So... couldn't get it exactly the same but its still OK 8D

Okay... seriously need to come back down to earth or I'll die of ecstasy.


Time Recorded: 1:54 PM


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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

TaiTaki PS pictures

Photos keep getting uploaded at facebook first, it's bad. So I'll give full dose of yesterday's shoot here. Taigong first~

I only managed to do 2 of Takiko, and the photoshop crashed. hahahahhaha.

Pardon the extreme lack of consistency in the editing.

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Time Recorded: 1:20 AM


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Monday, April 11, 2011

Unedited, behind the scenes [TaiTaki]

Taigong and Takiko second shoot, hoping it doesn't rain. We practically decided on it this morning itself. hahahah. As usual, I didn't sleep (maybe like a few minutes at a time because I had to keep rewinding the X-Files episode I was watching). Then around 6 I started preparing bento, tho unsure whether my destination would be Labrador park for hunting or shoot anywhere. But by 6 30, the shoot at chi garden was decided. Packed another bento, rot around, then changed into wig and make-up. I seriously felt like Xena the Warrior Princess the moment the wig was fixed on my head, i.e. I looked like a tramp.

Met Aki at Hougang MRT at 11 and off to China vegetation land. Hour and a half trip. Changed into costume with grumbling stomach~ 15 mins to change my ass... I wasn't keeping track but we might've spent an hour.

TRAMP WHORE SHOT~ But this is the only pic I have at the toilet! and you can see Taigong behind. Barely, but still.

HAR HAR food got centrifuged in my luggage. Genmaicha in the flask.

There were some indians who wanted to take our picture, and that was when we just finished eating. Apparently I had rice on my lips. Like when the hell does that happen except in manga?! Yaoi manga, more likely. And the woman freaking wiped it off my lips with her thumb like I'm her freaking granddaughter bloody hell I feel so violated OTL

WHAT ARE YOU THINKING WOMAN?! I feel like I need to kiss my wall to get the bloody feeling off. MARC HELP MEHHH. hahahahha. -licks various objects-

We realised that the ceiling was pretty. Tho this picture doesn't do justice...

The luggage.

Ey ~ He's an umbrella holder~ Or a sushi chef~

MULAAAAAN. There was a Guan Yu too, among other notable historical figures.

By 3 30, we were falling apart~ ahahahahahah. Do NOT want to do this for Cosfest. I'd rather have a weapon so I know how to pose. I shall do Takiko's hakama 8D I can't wait to wield a naginata seriously ToT~ Changed out around 4+, I think? Then back to civilization, celebrating by being a couple of old geezers drinking beer beside a train station buying a large bottle of afternoon tea from Cheers and drinking it out of cups.

ohh~ I think the washing machine is done with my costume. Sore jaa~

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Time Recorded: 9:37 PM


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Sunday, April 10, 2011


I was at grandma's place around 1, got a lift to Ngee Ann so I reached before 2. Stoned for a few minutes outside the event, wondering how I'm going to contact the others. Then I went in. crowd~ But not unbearable I suppose. Walked around not looking at the booths. Tried to spot cosplays but I didn't take pictures D= There was an Ashlotte!! jhgfdxzxcvbn. Didn't see anyone I'm familiar with, cept Ryuki at the entrance.

Left the convention center... and walked around the campus... to find a bloody payphone. Then I gave up, went to the entrance security booth and asked. No payphones. ahah. So I went to Cheers and bought myself a prepaid number. But still can't call out!! (apparently there were some obscure settings I had to change, which I found out later at night) Got to SMS Aki and Yuu-chan, and I went to meet them at a cafe. Must've wasted an hour lawl.

Yuu-chan's friend, Xin Ling at the back.

I had already eaten, so I just got a drink. Nick came by. So did Kai and Shu Yun but they didn't stay. This reminds me, I got Nivea whitening cream from Yuu-chan. *goes to use it*

And then the fun begins 8D

Met people~ bought stuff~ (I usually end up not buying anything on events, so I'm glad I found stuff to buy XD) Be awed by people, laughed at people. Yeah the usual event stuff, but it had that good feel that had been missing for a while. -pumped up for cosfest-

ps. I don't get free hugs for Japan. How the heck are they going to translate as help? -frowns-


Time Recorded: 11:04 AM


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