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Sunday, September 29, 2013

First time in a group since donkey years ago

Don't you hate it when the person with the key comes late ;3 That's me, the scumbag. Hope ya'll didn't wait long.

Apparently there's a strictly-no-visitors policy on sunday but we got in coz we all game face and I tap in with Sai's card. Had trouble when Eren wanted to come back in after a short trip out. babi~ _|_ So idk if we can still use NYP for the next meet. maybe if we go by side gate...

We took like so much space LOL~

Not even including the food space~

So did Ymir's harness. And then adjusted Jean's ready-made one since it was so big. And it's so damn hard to wear, good luck man~

Bert redid most of his gear. Eren was mostly stuck trimming wigs, and then both of them went out to get food. Eren ran errands ahahahah.

Domo arigatou for meeting Sai to get stuff that I forgot m(_ _)m. Good thing path coincide quite conveniently... And sorry for making you wait outside the gate with the asshole security guard............. the bitch didn't even want to let him in even though bags all inside. He's all "You malay? why no speak malay" 


Screw you bitch, even if I put on happy understanding we-won't-do-this-again face~

I was supposed to be doing my turbines but I didn't manage to do much at all OTL

Helped with Jean's circuit and propeller. Woot file stuff on motor. hhahaha.

Seriously what did I do besides harness and misc stuff o____o

Next meeting I think do Hange's. Aiyah I do my stuff at home, meeting do others' stuff. LOL~ =___=;;

And that's some extreme lugging of stuff. Rico's combat skill gonna go up from 9 to 10/10 if we can't make it. Minna gambatte.

5 costumes in a month. Was I even thinking straight? I've never even cos new stuff for AFA on both days... Usually one day cos, one day shalala. This year suddenly 3 days, all got plan. You see the fan spinning~ the other side of room got flying shit~ Just wait for inevitable.

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not much progress

20 yards of straps lol~ I don't think its enough... lol

This is so much more fun when done on another person.

so i fixed a motor to a drum unit.. it looks nicer than my own. lol. I have enough drums to make extra for myself too but.... ngeehhhh....

i should work on making this look presentable at prop session tomorrow... but then I think I'll be spending most of the time doing Yuui's harness...

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Friday, September 27, 2013

washing machine~

Is that what my voice sounds like D= omg so annoying

I don't know if I'm gonna redo the very abominable blades... they're not even. lol.

Tried to make smoke but the smoke so little =A= think need more surface area... and.... i can't think of a safe way to do this lol. It's pretty hot....

anyway this is the turbine attachment rig.. not gonna do anything fancy, just screw on... which means somebody has to put it on for me. ZZZZZZZZZ.....

did this right when i got home hence rings still on fingers

oh yeah bought boots.. lol sychro with Kai again, both get boots same time but totally difference source.. I don't wanna buy online coz can't try on... so mine more ex >.> guh... spending mooleh i dont even have...

I've been very complacent on keeping stealth mode on. The brakes are so obvious... 3 pairs out in the open nonetheless. Father asked how much the brakes are and I told the truth, but not how I got them. Can't keep relying on luck that he doesn't ask specific questions. I said only one is mine OTL then the other, I failed to mention is for Sarah. He asked why I'm making them and I didn't answer. I just looked suspicious and not answer. Baka~~ one set, I can just say I'm making for the sake of it... but multiple.... fishy mcsotong~ I'm totally pushing it... Really need some kind of cover story that I can show proof if it comes to that. I keep just... winging lies. Even though I can't think on my feet. Sewing stuff.... can't think of sane excuse... no choice must stealth mode.... you know how hard that is when he barely leaves the house =A=;;

Seriously Father, what on earth do you think I'm doing? I can't even. lol.

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

ive been wondering.....

whadda flying fuck is that~ hahahaha i think i'll make shoulder strap


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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

study time

me no like trigger therefore do troublesome carving.

Gotta get turbine components soon.....

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Monday, September 23, 2013

petrol guns

Idk whether I just get sidetrack way too much, or these took a really long time to make >.>;;;;

One more pair to go...

and i realize i probably should've made the double trigger a separate piece...

Oh well can chop off if i decide to do that later.

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

why are you telling me to live

lalalaing watch supernatural while crapping out pattern... IwantmannequinIwantmannequinIwantmannequinIwantmannequin

but there would be nowhere to put it...

haiz. dammit... i think i have to sleep. only 20% into pattern.. going hunting tomorrow.. hope find stuff...

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

SnK shoot 0.1

Hurray for weird schedule creatures~! Had Shingeki shoot 0.1 with Gacktt and Kai who was costesting Eren on Monday. This be the last time I do Sasha anime gear... unless I miraculously manage to revert the gear which is now otw to becoming manga ver back to anime form without damaging it. It went through damages that I had to redo 3/4 of the skin ;_;

Woke up to find no potatoes in the kitchen so I went and bought some to steam.

We were supposed to meet up earlier but for some reason I can't get ready in time =A= Father was looming around everywhere and telling me not to do this and that and in the end my make up was totally shit. I snuck the gear out to the dry riser cabinet earlier while he was still asleep... At least he didn't tell me to change my shoes. You know how fucking shit that is? It happened before. zzzz.

Left way past original timing.. then I thought I lost my $50 in the train... when I alighted and reached for my back pocket, it wasn't there. Fucking pissed... karma and shit... I reached PS only a bit earlier than Kai. Gomen for making you wait so long while I pin everything on OTL Then while rummaging through gear bag, Kai found the $50 inside.


whaaaaaaattt? There's no way it dropped in there.... I'm wondering if someone saw the note drop and put it in OTL My AT-field was on maximum so I wasn't alert at all..... if it didn't drop in by itself while I was taking other stuff out of pocket, thank you whoever it was...

So Sasha and Eren went to meet Gacktt who arrived as I finished dressing, and we made our way to Fort Canning. The only shots I really wanted were cannon... hah... I wanted rooftops too but that's never gonna happen... Kai went to ask around for its location, and when I found her, she was getting lectured by the security guy about Singapore's history. So I joined in. While G was still waiting. It was really interesting. I WANT TO BE MARAUDERS AND FIND THOSE TUNNELS. so many secrets... Some time later Gakkun came ehehh.. Excused self after a while.. the cannon was right beside where we were~ Sasha riding the cannon like a horse.. then in that very uncomfortable position, put on gear so I wouldn't have to climb with the gear on. Toes cramp. lol.

Chilled while G took shots of Garrrr and Tifa and I ate bread and shared my drink with a snail and Kai trying out G's lens. trucks and jogging humans and tourists later, we made our way up to the iron gate. I walked first because I have to walk soooo damn slow holding bag and stuff OTL

Routine gate shots.. I hope manga gear can do stunts lol.. And then Eren extreme costest..... holy crap dude I still can't believe you wore my jacket. that thing belongs in a biohazard waste bag. Lets not think about that anymore. G was so happy when the gear could be transferred to Kai. wahahhaa. We had potatoes and bread and drinks and I used Mika and went trigger happy. Even G got shot ^~^ I want to see how the photos turn out~

It was already 4+. Supposed to go bugis afterwards but didn't seem like there'd be enough time... we hung out at PS. I got changed out and G treated us Matcha Latte~~ Arigatou~~ We had evil titan peanut caramel corn which I am now craving... omg craving so many things, that time must be coming =A=;;

That concludes the day~~ I really need new boots laaaaa. The soles are damn sucky too. Like flats. But at least they didn't break like prev boots did =A= Gonna get a pair tomorrow. that is... later.... shit its 3 AM. I can't oversleep and miss date with grandma!

Good Night.

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Thursday, September 12, 2013


I look at STGCC event post draft and shake head. It's completely unusable because it's all me being the pathetic shit I am and whining. Get your shit together!


I can't remember shit. Wasn't cosing on day 1. Met up with Kai and Xuyun, who were doing Hei and Yin from Darker than Black, when I arrived at MBS. Met folks we haven't seen in a while~ yay~ and I just High-5 Max when we passed each other lol. Xuyun went in to grabby hands merch while Kai and I went somewhere to shoot. I used Kai's Mika even though I friggin suck and don't know how to use the settings OTL. I think I got some good ones. Kai good subject hahahah. I think I should get my own camera...... but..... idk..... i friggin suck..... and dono how to take care of stuff OTL. Collected my wigs afterwards.. bloody shipping.. and then met up with Xuyun again. Then I think we went to the cosplay hall. I don't remember what happennneedd. Been despairing =w= And then we went to disturb as many concierge as we could. bwahahhaha. Somehow we landed at a nice table in Coffee Bean and had some coffee and muffins while encouraging each other's despair. I think we went back to the hall for a bit before I went off. Don't get me wrong, we did have fun.

Back at home.... I was like freaking stoned. Like don't want to move to finish stuff even tho not much...

Nodded off while doing patches and wake up to find scribbles on the wings. lol so I set up alarms and went to sleep. Alarms are useless on me. I woke up late and just looked at all the missed alarms telling me "wake up" "stupid shit get up" "you're gonna die" "you're dead" and variations thereof. Father wasn't home. Good thing. I half-assed some stuff.... then Sarah said she wants to try her new wig so I let her. Her hair damn long and thick, we have a hard time stuffing it into the wig all the time..

And I went out looking like a shithead.

Stopped by PS because minion wants to eat. So I did my makeup while she ate. Then off to MBS.

While I was gearing up at the basement, Kai and Sakiko descended. I didn't secure the gear on properly but meh it'll hold. I'll cable tie everything for shoot... argh fuck shit I can't bitch about some stuff here anymore. Anyway we went up to put bags in the cosplay hall and look around. Then down a level for shoot.

I only edited one for now.... got other stuff to do.

Meet people, some for the first time. Yoroshiku. I might have had a potato with me if my gear wasn't a handful.... I did not balance it... baka~ Well just take it that the potato has been eaten. haha. Sarah was already whining about wanting to see the exhibits and I thought it was about time so I tried to make my way out of the hall. Did not get many steps with that thought before I was gladly delayed. The turmoil in me OTL

After a while, I got my ticket and we went in... See more people and my gear getting in the way of movement... hah... dude don't take so many shots right in front of a booth... After half a round I went back to the cosplay hall and removed the toasters. Chucked the swords in toaster and let it rot with bags while we roamed the exhibits. Gyahhhh. Stuuuuffffff. I didn't see DW stuff tho... rawr.... Bought Toki Doki keychains and gave one to Kai. They're so solid -drools-. After more hanging around, we chiaoed at 6+...

I'm Connie!

Father was bitching about who knows what... Always have to ruin the day... But my day would not be ruined, not this time!! Sarah and I went to the Night Bazaar and got takoyaki and sugar cane and we animatedly talked about how we're not going home. Why minion so mature ar? The way she talk and think not the same as other 11 year olds who are wrapped up in their own shit that they say even more shit. Sasuga my minion...

I managed to store the gear in the cabinet outside the neighbor's unit. lol~ the chair we had to take out from inside disappeared the next day. I bet someone saw the crap inside.

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