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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

3DM Gear WIP

Out of spray paint ;A;

Need another Aquarius bottle tomorrow to complete the other cylinder, and also something for the top part.. I used some leftover alu pipe from Supercell and nailed it to a piece of dowel, but there's no more pipe unless I shorten Supercell D= I went to use a foam ball meant for zura bomb to see if it could be suitable. It was painted and all, but the texture could still be seen so I destroyed it and used a bottle instead. It's freaky how the bottle fit perfectly without any readjustment @_@

Cable holders are interesting.

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Monday, May 20, 2013


Almost. Now lets see if i rmmbr how the insides are to make the other side >.>

3DM Gear or Dominator, which is sexier? @A@


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Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Barre's new localised particle filter base. A few things I hate about propping: having to sit on the floor which without a doubt will cause me a leg cramp and cleaning up messes. its sooooo damn messy down here. arrrhhh. Gotta clear it before I start painting.....

i suck at painting. so. much.

 veeeeeeerry slow progress


 supposed to have glowing disc on the front. cant find anything usable...


It's still bloody difficult to store. urgh.


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Monday, May 13, 2013

blah update

Doing Jirou's (can I call him Jirou?) gi. I didn't get enough cloth for hakama. I knew that when I was buying yet I still..... I hope it's still there OTL Ah, Jirou used Shishio's sword before, and it's also the version with hakama not in socks so I'm not in trouble there \o/

Benizakura Zura is done~ I shall do for curefest.

Bought cloth for Joui too. ~gasms~ after seeing that cloth, looking at normal cheap cotton becomes discouraging... I can't wait for the movie *w* please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please bring it in m(_  _)m

Before I start on Joui, I gotta do Haru's vest.

And I'm so fucking tempted to do Titans 3D gear ;w; Just the gear. I regret not dismantling the brakes from discarded bicycles....

I'm here to stall because I'm lazy to measure out 15cm strips of cloth.

 kay end stall....

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

International Harry Potter Day Gathering

 Left at 10+ with Sarah to meet Kai at Sengkang, then we headed to Fort Canning. It was hoooooootttt. The table we used for Steampunk gathering was gone, so we used .... I haven't a clue what it is... A big concrete disc on the ground....

I went to hide red and black envelops around the grounds while Kai and Sarah laid the table.

I should have taken my belt off.... I sweat like rain........... The dark clouds of Mordor could be seen some distance away... Then I did makeup and wig~ Dai arrived around 2, and then Farhan, just before I went to pick up Yanling at Dhoby Exchange. I kind of ran there. And some bitch man told his daughter that I'm Sailor Moon. For fuck's sake I don't think kids nowadays even know what Sailor Moon is, AND- WHAT THE FUCK--- I've heard it happen to other cosers but this is the first time it's happening to me. WHAT THE HELL DOES HE ACTUALLY SEE WHEN HE LOOKED AT ME OMG. go to hell >.>

Bought ice and then shalala back to Fort Gate. I saw Ven at exchange but I was not recognised. HAHA -walks on-

The group had moved to shelter because they were paranoid of the rain. I wore my robes, and then hat. When I looked at my reflection in the window, I realised.... TOPH \O/

we were like.... will it rain or not will it rain or not every damn minute. Then I convinced them it won't and so we went up. then got jap family sitting at out spot. AND THEN IT STARTED RAINING~~ aha curse me~ I was still convinced it was just gonna pass but the drizzle did get a bit heavy.. so we went back down OTL. After a while, it didn't get any heavier and it stopped. RAAAWWRR. By then the group looked very comfortable on the floor =w= I went up with Kai and Sarah to set up again. The Pumpkin pasties taste nicer when they're hot... I think I didn't put enough spices and sugar. next time then. Mixed the butter beeerrr~ almost emptied the butterscotch syrup... Called them up when we're done. Woooot. Started with the Treasure Hunt! hm, I didn't take a picture of the framed rules.

While the rest go hunting for spells and Horcruxes, I camwhore =A= It's a lot harder to get some of the envelops. I can just throw them into a bush, but you'd have to dig thru bugs and thorns to get them >D You won't admit to doing that if you're a real wizard. I even planted some near couples minding their business. BWAHAHAH.

Peace mothafuckaaaa--- 

They only found 3 horcruxes. Nobody would have gotten the one in the lantern if Sarah and Kai Sam hadn't already seen me put it there. FOLLOW YOUR GUT! But in the end, all were retrieved. Because I told them where. Totally missed the one at the gate, and the one in the cow and lampost. And the one under the Skiving Snackbox =w= bwahahha. Evil actually won the battle. Because it is Sam's choice to side evil even though he's Dumbledore's minion. Plus Sarah actually gave all her envelops to him..... foolish first year... you musn't trust people too much. But somehow evil rejected Sam and the Good side ended up winning.

Dai's Rapunzel x Ravenclaw!

Muggle Studies Prof drinking, Head of Slytherin eating, and delinquent conjuring a muggle onto her muffin.

After Treasure hunt, we somehow went on playing toss the gnome! I didn't think of that before. But the Gnome is present. We used the lantern as a mark. Everyone spun around three times before tossing it. Most never made it. It was amusing and fun. And then we continued abusing the poor gnome before Sam took it into his hood. It was really amusing.

Drink and eat some more~~

Prey is found.

With Durmstrang exchange Hobbit (so i say)

With the house delinquent

With Rapunzel~

With Professor of Muggle Studies

3 Slytherins, 2 Ravenclaws, 1 Gryffindor and 0 Hufflepuff. Isn't that the order of the recent Pottermore House cup? ahahaha~

Packed up around 5 and walked over to PS. I reaaaally should have brought a change of clothes. Me, heat, and black just never end up well. Disgusting T_T lucky got black scarf that we used as table runner. I took a bath as soon as we reached Grandma's place ~heaven~

I was expecting more to come at first but I guess people just aren't into this sort of thing? They just like to sound interested. Or maybe I'm just a doubtful existence. YEAH THAT'S IT. OTL

I hope everyone had fun ^_^~


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