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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

knee guard WIP

Only one done and I'm already feeling sian. I hate doing repetitive stuff ToT And there's still the shoulder guard and booby thingy... The patterns on them are a bit different... don't know if can use same approach.. GAR.

Watching Numb3rs while I cut foam in sloth-like manner...

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Mada mada dane~

I must keep reminding myself, that I cannot get sick and tired of being a ninja. I have not suffered enough to allow myself the luxury of the thought. Bitch, you talk too much.

I got a few ideas I want to execute, but must hold the thought till after the already piling list is reduced.

I need thread~ it's pathetic to run out of thread. And duck tape. Or swan tape. Father seems to be asleep most mornings till afternoon, so I should really make use of that time..... instead of sitting my ass infront of Nao and reading the endless supply of homoerotic e-books that Nick has kindly bestowed upon me. hahahha.

OH. I forgot to mention! We passed the audition \o/ Will be performing with a guest fighter at EOY. I am thrilled 8DD and sort of in a fog. But I can't see the fog because I still have lots of work to do! omgomgomg~ I will finish the knee guards today!!

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kaname makes me wana cry ToT I have to stop video every few mins OTL

Watching his 2009 AFA cosplay comp comments that Alodia took.

Respect \m/

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Scans of pics from booth~

Rose Sheedy and Claire Forrest.

Mizurei and Saga Yuui.

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

AFA 2011

AFA Day 1

Red Garden~

Headed to event after class. Changed at Raffles City Shopping Center (hurray for the space in the toilet =w=), then to Suntec.

Bought main hall tix, and we poked around for a bit before Kate and XL arrived. Met at BK, ate, watch the two get into full gear, then Xu Yun arrived~ CHIAKIIII~~~ Kate didn't get tix, so me, Claire and Chiaki went in for another round. The Beelzebub team kept running away from Chiaki ToT

We chase ppl till miss Kaname OTL. Saw Usagi first, actually I didn't know it was her... She was with guitar, then I noted another coser with a bass... That was Kaname☆ and we bloody hell just walked past like nothing. Queue suicide notes.

I didn't buy anything...... cept Mawaru Penguindrum for Kate =w=

At 5, we met up with Kate and XL again (after stalking a Gracia from far), and we had crack shots and wall-scaling attempts. I rabu mai remon. Yes I do.

I didn't bring Nadleeh, intentional, so I be waiting for pics from Kate, Claire and hopefully XL 8D

Day 2

I don't know what I was wearing... I think it was loli. I'm sort of reluctant to call my shit loli... something like that anyway. Went out of the house a bit late coz Mother was delaying. In the end I push the crap myself and I went out 8D I bought stage access tix, but missed the fan-meet session... which sucks... The Regional Cosplay Competition was next, so I changed into wig at a crowded toilet, which means I didn't get to go in cubicle to remove pants =w=. I'm gonna drop any modesty and say, it feels good when strangers compliment the things you make. hahahaha. Went over to stage where Saga saved me a seat~

I reaaaaaaallllyyy liked the Malaysian team performance. Not fair they didn't win! It must have been taken out from their simple costume which took a large percentage of judging criteria, but the performance should have gotten 120%. I'm a sucker for Egyptian stuff so I don't know if I'm being biased. The set they made was raburi and like Kaname said, the opening was so friggin rad (Kaname didn't say it like that). Their synchronization with the audio was spot-on. Plus the blood effects. And the girl's acting. I felt foolish coz I bought it and actually looked around to see if anyone else was freaking out. Then force myself to believe that it's fake. haaaahahhahhaha.

Phillipines won. They did nice. Killer aura and all, but my unicorns weren't amused for some reason. So I say, they did rationally great. hhaaahahaha. Shit, I'm such a girl. no no no no, they were really good, honestly. The story was pretty awesome too, if what I understood was really right. hahah.

Indonesia. I... wasn't amused. I think they came in third? Yeah the use of the screen behind was good, but I guess I'm not into Kamen Rider enough to appreciate it =A= That, or the off-timing bugged me.

Thailand's was good too, tho I can't quite recall..... Most of what I remember consist of "oooohhh shiiinyyyy~~" She made foam shine like aluminium. They did FF13 btw. If Indonesia came in third, they came in second. Or the other way around.

Singapore had pretty costumes and manly side bindings, but the performance could have done way better... Don't think it connected with audience much. I for one don't know what the hell happened. Of course, I could just be really daft.

They had a singles competition which was new. Hah. Mcs keep saying stuff wrong. vatever.

We left stage area after results were announced. Bought Gundam 00 stuff 8D Setsuna pillow, Awakening of Trailblazer 3D poster, and a shirt. Then we went to Baby Beel's hideout to meet Kai and Xu Yun~ and where I could change into full.

Then walk walk~ Take pic~ meet ppl~ Take free stuff. I am sidetracking from this post.


*shifty eyes*

alright, I'll stop here.

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Save the night, fight the breaking dawn.

Glueing lace onto Gracia's cape lol. Over homework. The cape and and mantle is done. That's about it for Gracia audition. Next I have to figure out something for my armour. Which is seriously lol, especially the... bra...

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