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Saturday, December 13, 2014

AFA 2014

Reached Suntec around 9, slowly put on makeup. Still took 2 hours. haha. remember when dressing/makeup took like 45 mins =A=;;; gone are those days.

Yay representatives at AFA.

Meet up with people. Lol I didn't register Yuui coz too girly and Yuuki was there. She came with her friend Sherlyn~ XL too, haven't seen in a while. SHES SO PRETTY I'M NOT SURPRISED~~~ hahah.

Caga and Lac went into MMD planetarium and smelling smelly socks hahaha. but it was cool. i want own planetarium. We were pretty much occupied the whole time. lots to see, nice to bump into ppl. and SEED fans ;w; thank you~~~

still missed many ppl. Didn't get to see my son. The only other GS cosers were a Lacus, a random ZAFT officer we were chatting with. I think the guy felt kind of awkward around us. Sorrehh. Met Kira at the corridors on the 3rd floor. Lacus spotted him and I just OMFG MSY. Didn't expect it and just dammmn ;w; Rhoda wasn't feeling well so she wasn't there T^T

My eye twitching from day before till halfway event.

End of day 2, i went to see grandma. Uncle and Mother had to go off for a while so I had to cover. Came home pretty late. Did last bit of painting before going to sleep.

Next day same timing to change. Took 3 hours this time. My fault though. Put wig on Kai and braid it while blasting 1000 miles lol. White chicks ftw. She had to help me with a lottt of things. zzzz all the back fastening. I'm sorreh for being a bother OTL  lucky never add hooks... even more trouble..

Whole way in denial we're actually cosing this.... look in mirror cant even recognise self. My initial vision only involved Kai as Thrandy. So she is acceptable. More than acceptable hahahah omg just stand there and radiate King aura. I'm a merlion ohohohooo~~ Kept the sides of the wig down coz no way in hell im not framing face hahaahha. I should just do Haldir. lawl. ye gawd eyeburn sorry ppl. I'm funko. And stupid me didn't use luggage. Well not exactly stupid. I don't think I can just stroll out of the house with a freaking wheeled luggage can I.

After a while of posing with bow, shoulder feeling it ahahha weaaaaakkkk. bow is only 8 kg draw but that's still kind of heavy for con use. cant hold for long. sorry photogs.. got limited window OTL thank you for your patience. swag dad eyebrow game so stronk.

OH OH OH. The day before, while we were dressing, I gave Kai her presents. I managed to find Thrandy lego like a few days before. Die happy sia ;w; but I still havent laid eyes on mirkwood set T^T

Roam around the halls looking at everything. Occupied the whole time this day as well. Didn't rot like prev events. there's so much to do~ and still miss so many people. Nao found us while we were watching Lost Ash. Vocalist kept looking at Kai('s eyebrows). Nao kidnap my bow so I got hands free to play with knives. gyahhhh. swish flick. Watch Kakizawa. he performed Cruel Angel Thesis. LSJDBGKSLNGJSD. We're like waving props while ppl mostly stoning. dono how to paiseh oredy. Soonish, head down to the common space. The atmosphere change between hall and outside is so drastic. Meet more ppl and photogs. Shocked Usagi can remember us even after eons OTL got word that Yuui, Yukio, Yuuki and Sheryn were at the same corridor the day before so we headed there. lol. extended family. Even found mama.

Family for rent. Ada adopted Trey from the future.

Went to Wendy's at Orchard for dinner with Kai and Yukio.

Thus ends major events of the year. ^o^

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Time Recorded: 2:17 AM


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