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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Representatives Athha and Clyne

better write here

couple months ago, BTH asked for shoot, but we cant fix date till november. supposed to do on 16th but pushed it to 23rd. that's like the day after schrodinger expt 2 shoot which i was not part of because i had a paper on that day. he actually want snk but that plan was already in motion... and we want to shoot gundam. a couple weeks ago, me n kai went MBS to look around the roof. passed by this thing and i cant rmmbr if i said it out loud that lightbulb in head already ting ting ting. i know kai wasnt too on about climbing because heels and skirts ahahah. saw other structures suitable and sweat a lot. fuuu. we thought we'd cover MBS then go to flyer and continue there. well, now i know that's kinda unrealistic hahahah.

so on sunday, i manage to leave earlier than kai (woohoo rarely happens) and get to the usual HP toilet. lol toilet. um. HP.... restroom. its HP coz we went there to change when gg to Harry Potter exhibit lol.

So.... I changed into pants... started to makeup... Cleaner come want to clean toilet... clean lah, i lift my leg. Kai arrived... We go about doing make up. Plumber outside dont want to come in coz we're inside but the chinese lady asking him to dont mind us and just come in. They barricade the door while dude does what not. So basically no one else allowed in but us. ppl waiting outside getting shooed off and im totally pretending that its closed off for our official business hahahahahhahahahahahaha k whatever pls move on. I had to go through 3 lashes coz the first two were so damn dramatic i didn't know what the hell was looking back at me. Damn we still took 2 hours like EOY. Told BTH to come like 10 30 or later. it was before 11, i can't find his number on my phone. wondering why he never text me oso. then kai texted him and bloody hell he arrived at 9. (*&^%$#$%^&*(!!! ok he like to come early.. not like we drag him hahaha but still feel guilty lol. Met up and told him about the roof whatever level it is and he hasnt been there. go up escalator already feel the heat. gaaaarrr

Did a couple of shots here then we told him theres more inside so we picked up  our bags and walked in, but not too far because when i look at the roof structure thingy again i cannot tahan. Kai was kind of hesitant but I just "wait ar i go climb see got wat" 

seemed alright to stand on but keep imagining screw fall off and falling into vent haahhaha fuck -shudder- the roof of the building was soft. i turn around and BTH was coming up with his gear. Did a few shots and Kai came up too -claps- skirt warrior. so then yeah we spent some time up there. then air vents blowing cloth n wig up. i really want anti-gravity kind of shots because gundam is all floaty floaty and this is just awesome... blow up lacus skirt

photog think Cagalli is a guy lolol i feel accomplished.

Darn hot, but the wooshing air cooled us ahahahahha. the walk back in was hotter.

Saw other cosers shooting inside. MAI-CHAN AND RIN \o/

Since BTH asked to bring props and stuff. then Kai said bring all your haros. the night before, i dug up 2 more red ones. had purple spray and mixed some green. Folded samurai helmets while paint dry =w= heh

SOMETIMES this angle is alright.

This, Relena pose while Heero coming out from plane. hahaha. The stairs were too wide but the floor behind was clean enough to photoshop.

 Idk whats gg on here ahahaha Neither Will Alone, Nor Strength Alone is Enough

 lets go... ~shopping~ white chicks lol. think this is kira/athrun pose we stole

rep business...

Walked over to Flyer to have Popeyes and take out Nao to transfer pics~ so much easier than making him convert n send manually...

There are a few more but I gtg~ 

Jaaa~~ <3>

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Time Recorded: 12:29 PM


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