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Monday, November 11, 2013

AFA 2013

thursday, went to Ymir's place to deliver and do adjustments to her gear.

Bert joined in to figure out his harness which was very confusing. I spent a lot of time doing and undoing the belts to get them in the right order... And then we fixed Ymir's gear on her to see how it holds up. It was great~

on friday, i still had many small things to finish up with Christa's and my own gear. Stayed up to put them all in place...

Morning came and I had finished packing Christa's gear. I was doing mine when Father came out of his room and saw me. oops~ he asked if I was delivering it to Ymir again and I'm like 'yeah...... ._. (if that works for you)"


compact mode:

initially wanted to make the toasters themselves collapsable for easy transport, but then got worried the cylinders might not survive long and made them fit in the toasters along with braces, detachable sword handle and blades. I couldn't find Christa's skirt OTL so I took out black PVC. yay no need hem. lolll.

Brought my unit out with me to school. Christa's was supposed to be smuggled out by brother. But then father didn't give any chance.... they were out of the house when I called to check up. Asked brother to go back and take it with excuse that I want to send that unit to Ymir as well. Father did ask me again and again  what I'm doing.... I still go "something..." /digs grave

After lab and lab test, which I fell asleep during......... I took a cab with Teddy to Suntec Convention center. Thanks dude... I think he was heading to the MRT and I'm like... *points at cab* ^^;;;

 Found team mates at lvl 3, mostly geared up. Mother and others were there as well since I couldn't bring Christa myself. Petra had made Christa's hair and fit it into wig without net. It was amazing work *o* I think I took like.... an hour to put on makeup and wig and harness =w= I was reminded why I usually go to lonesome toilet to dress.... gawd.... the things I had to listen to..... I might've rolled my eyes openly a few times... kids..............

Got fully geared up outside.. Tried to put Christa's lens on but it was hurting so I kept it. She sad about it but don't mind it kiddo... anyone want to say anything can feel my steel first... Shoot we do proper =) Hange didn't manage to finish her gear so she went without it. Take your time, we will do this! ^^ posed with some funny people. hahaha. I can't remember what time it was that we decided to go up to the exhibition hall.. I thought it would be hard to maneuver in the crowd but I was wrong. the bolts work damn well to fix to thigh and the toasters weren't flapping about. Even if it hit people, I was the one who had to apologise. ahahahaha nah amek ni kotak~

Went to the Colossal titan head and freak out~~~~~

There was an  Eren there and we had him join us for some shots~ Our team all side charas, none of the main three xD I like that~~

I noticed this guy who was wearing AFA pass looking at us. I mean there were a few people looking at us but the way he look very intense kind. I wondered who he was. Thought he Singaporean coz he looked it. LOL. On purpose I switched on my turbine and Christa's =w=;; pffft. Wang Meng was there too, glad she didn't go off before I could talk to her. Had to pass her some cards from Gacktt but I left them in my bag downstairs.

Stayed at the SNK experience zone for a bit then....... Nao and Yuki as Bert and Reiner came in guns down there blazing. Then there was a Colossal titan who joined in. AHAHAHAHA. fushuuuuu~~ got kid here, keep your pants on!! xD The group got split half... Jean, Sasha, Bert and Hanji went down to do some gear maintenance while Petra, Christa, Ymir and I went fooling around. Everything is a mess in my brain *w*

We gathered back downstairs around 6+ anyway my time with harness on was up. Screw you mother nature! why wrong timing! LOL. Walked around the exhibition some more... oh I had my squeaky smoke gun to play as well. HAHA~

Ore-sama and Christa found empty toilet further away.

We had a little end-of-day segment while dismantling gear and packing up. Took instax and wrote messages for each other courtesy of Ymir.

Arigatou, minna.

2 gears heavy worx to drag around Suntec. lol ended up at wrong place >.> supposed to go Marina Square.

Delayed Mother and the rest much, had dinner at BeanStro. I changed out after that. While in the restroom, someone said "nice SNK" and we chat abit. WHY HELLO THERE STORM FROM COSFEST WHAT A COINCIDENCE. She didn't get to go to the event but when I mentioned Reika, she said she saw her at cosfest and I'm "WERE YOU STORM?" hahah!!

Cabbed back home. And since the gears were supposed to be with Ymir, I hid them in the dry riser cabinet and the other one.. Toasters still there now. Hope bangla dont throw away.


Kai [Petra]- Thanks for everything. Really. Wouldn't have made much progress had it not been for your presence. And thanks for going with Petra, epic death xD I don't think I need to say it all, because if I were to say it all then I won't stop~

Saga [Ymir]- I kind of shoved Ymir at you, didn't I? But then it took life and you stuck with it. I was worried you wouldn't take the offer for me to make the gear for you when you said you wanted out because of the complexity. Gyaaahh, doumo!! You can't resist the fun~~

Yukio [Jean]- The idea that was born at cosfest actually made it!! Kai had her time cosing with you, I want it too! hahah!!! THANK YOU!! Our boarder-crossing horse!! and we all got hold of resources thanks to you! SEA HORSE!! NEIIIIGHHHHBLUBLUB---

Katou [Bert]- I'm so happy and proud you managed to do it @w@ Even though you were so busy and it was your first time making props. You did so well!!! Sugoi~ Thank you for your will and effort~!

Yan Ling [Hange]- I had my plans and you had yours at the time, and then our powers combined~~ would've liked to have your friend with us too. No need to be afraid, we're all noobs xD Walking encyclopedia of SNK and all-round titan crazy as Hange is. We shall pull through further! Thank you for everything!

Yuuki [Sasha]- You awesome potato! imported from Malaysia!! hahah!!! Damn power~~! THANKS FOR JOINING~! You deserve lifetime supply of food xDDD

~END Day Two of AFA~

Father was awake at night. I had some trims to sew and hemming to do for Caga's suit... Took it to bed with me to work on it and suddenly I woke up with it in one hand and scissors in another. It was light outside.

Well fuck. I TKO-ed. It was 9. Kai wasn't contactable. SNK showcase at 11. my phone dead as doornail... only charged it a bit... I was wearing a black jacket when I went out but I brought my Garrison jacket. Made my way, switched jacket in the train, bought stage tix and joined the Q to enter. I was just on time, they started moving. Yan was earlier than me and had an empty seat beside her so I joined. (little did we know that Kai was also there, right up front).

They played the second opening, and I just soak it into my bones. Screaming happened wherever Levi entered xD after that the hosts came out~ Introduced some producers, the director, and Mikasa's Seiyuu. I went like holy shit that blond guy with glasses was the dude looking at us yesterday. He's the freaking director. Tetsuro Araki. whoaaa~~ Yan was freaking out beside me too. She was holding her SNK book full of freaking keyframes~ Soundtrack was playing all the way through and that was overwhelming. I think listening to OST while propping act as conditioning so it was just damn feels whole way through their talk. Saw exclusive vid which was sooo cool... I was tearing and washing away eye make up LOL. Looked to my side at Yan had tear tracks down her cheek. LOL. hopeless ar we. They were happy to see all the support for the series and not expecting it... and so humble. hnggg ;w; Tetsuro-san mentioned cosplayers too /o/ At the end, they stood up and did salute. While clapping I was like... looking around... slowly stand... hesitantly salute then looked around some more and OH GOD the difference between standing and sitting holy crap. Yan wanted to wave around her book and hope to get it signed... I was like trying to get her to stand too... I'm sure there were others standing, I just didn't see them... Then the host asked everyone to stand up and do salute along... YESSS. hnnnggghhh ;w;

Afters, we left for exhibition hall hoping too see any of the production team... nope no luck there... Met up with Yukio, Saga, and Yuuki. Saga and Yuuki in Gatchman and Yukio as Yukio xD at 1+, Anisong artiste lineup were at main stage. Reunite with Saga, Yuuki and Kai after that.

bought stuff, met up with peeps, and popcorn later ... we were supposed to go neoprint.. but... its too late and im not in cos =w=;; also i wanted to catch ARCC.... i missed first few teams TwT... didnt see winning team's perf... Macross performance was damn stunning. daaaaamn stunning. Kai and Yukio arrived when the performances were over =_=;;; SEAHORSE!!!

Saw TMR while he was doing autographs. HNGHH so closeee. The pink aura radiating from Kai was brilliant =w=~~ I had to head back already... demo.... mada mada!! Last round... then Yan got stuck at Canon mini stage coz it was crowded and their bags were stranded inside... haha~ /doki doki

something... lol.... just lol..... the fuck Kiyo! don't run! nobody saw that right... laaa.... laaaaa.... laaaaaa......=3=

then really time to goooo. chiao with kokoro soaked in all kinds of feels OTL OTL OTL

Was this like the best AFA ever or whattt. I still want to stay throughout event..... neck deep in shingeki mode... dont think i could've come out of it willingly... so im not that sad i didnt get to do my plan.

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Time Recorded: 1:59 AM


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