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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

SnK shoot 0.1

Hurray for weird schedule creatures~! Had Shingeki shoot 0.1 with Gacktt and Kai who was costesting Eren on Monday. This be the last time I do Sasha anime gear... unless I miraculously manage to revert the gear which is now otw to becoming manga ver back to anime form without damaging it. It went through damages that I had to redo 3/4 of the skin ;_;

Woke up to find no potatoes in the kitchen so I went and bought some to steam.

We were supposed to meet up earlier but for some reason I can't get ready in time =A= Father was looming around everywhere and telling me not to do this and that and in the end my make up was totally shit. I snuck the gear out to the dry riser cabinet earlier while he was still asleep... At least he didn't tell me to change my shoes. You know how fucking shit that is? It happened before. zzzz.

Left way past original timing.. then I thought I lost my $50 in the train... when I alighted and reached for my back pocket, it wasn't there. Fucking pissed... karma and shit... I reached PS only a bit earlier than Kai. Gomen for making you wait so long while I pin everything on OTL Then while rummaging through gear bag, Kai found the $50 inside.


whaaaaaaattt? There's no way it dropped in there.... I'm wondering if someone saw the note drop and put it in OTL My AT-field was on maximum so I wasn't alert at all..... if it didn't drop in by itself while I was taking other stuff out of pocket, thank you whoever it was...

So Sasha and Eren went to meet Gacktt who arrived as I finished dressing, and we made our way to Fort Canning. The only shots I really wanted were cannon... hah... I wanted rooftops too but that's never gonna happen... Kai went to ask around for its location, and when I found her, she was getting lectured by the security guy about Singapore's history. So I joined in. While G was still waiting. It was really interesting. I WANT TO BE MARAUDERS AND FIND THOSE TUNNELS. so many secrets... Some time later Gakkun came ehehh.. Excused self after a while.. the cannon was right beside where we were~ Sasha riding the cannon like a horse.. then in that very uncomfortable position, put on gear so I wouldn't have to climb with the gear on. Toes cramp. lol.

Chilled while G took shots of Garrrr and Tifa and I ate bread and shared my drink with a snail and Kai trying out G's lens. trucks and jogging humans and tourists later, we made our way up to the iron gate. I walked first because I have to walk soooo damn slow holding bag and stuff OTL

Routine gate shots.. I hope manga gear can do stunts lol.. And then Eren extreme costest..... holy crap dude I still can't believe you wore my jacket. that thing belongs in a biohazard waste bag. Lets not think about that anymore. G was so happy when the gear could be transferred to Kai. wahahhaa. We had potatoes and bread and drinks and I used Mika and went trigger happy. Even G got shot ^~^ I want to see how the photos turn out~

It was already 4+. Supposed to go bugis afterwards but didn't seem like there'd be enough time... we hung out at PS. I got changed out and G treated us Matcha Latte~~ Arigatou~~ We had evil titan peanut caramel corn which I am now craving... omg craving so many things, that time must be coming =A=;;

That concludes the day~~ I really need new boots laaaaa. The soles are damn sucky too. Like flats. But at least they didn't break like prev boots did =A= Gonna get a pair tomorrow. that is... later.... shit its 3 AM. I can't oversleep and miss date with grandma!

Good Night.

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Time Recorded: 3:16 AM


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