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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Tsuritama Outing to Aquarium

Plucking eyebrows in the morning and failing at symmetry. It's sad. Packed up stuff and left a bit before 9. 

Look what I saw on the ground at the bus stop. Sarah must have dropped it yesterday. RIP you flattened thing.

Seeing as I had a lot to do to my face, I reached vivo earliest and started prepping. And then. I realise I forgot Revlon foundation OTL OTL OTL. Kai arrived and I used her Stage foundation ;w; Arigatou m(_ _)m

I used Bel/Fegus wig, which is actually quite dark blonde, so I used white pastel (screw hair chalk) in attempt to make it lighter. I think it worked alright. It also made the fibers stiffer and easier to arrange without wax. woot. I have a seashell on my head \o/

Natsuki appeared when we were almost done. Shalala on lens and makeup and wig and snip snip fringe~

When we're all set, we went to Cold Storage to get some food. Then we took the bus to RWS~

We were sitting one level below Forum and nomming sushi when someone approached us and asked if her daughter could take a picture with us. I was somehow in event mode and didn't hesitate to agree. And then I realised maybe the guys didn't want to. =S But then. I asked the girl if she knew what we were doing and she kneeeeewwwwwww \o/ So yeah. Happy. ;w; 

Spazzed around with our cameras a bit.... and then gave Natsuki his Birthday presents. The camera strap I made for her (to hell with consistent gender already) was totally different from what I initially planned. Can't help it when accidents come out favourable. Wait I didn't take a picture OTL

Natsuki made lures~~

It's now partnered with that random idk-what-it-is rope-charm thingy that I couldn't stop making a few weeks ago courtesy of Sarah. Yay~ Again. I didn't take a pic of the rest OTL Everyone had their hair colour + blue combo

Finally, to the destination~!

The guy at the entrance, I'm pretty sure he was the same guy who asked the Tsuritama group who came here before if they were a band. AHAHAHA. He asked us and I just couldn't say anything but LOL

This shot is so Tsuritama.

Haru was the only one playing with these guys ;w; I wasn't even aware of what Natsuki and Yuki were doing. Ahhh~~ The small ones are cho kawaii~~ Starme~~~ And I poked a sea cucumber ;~;


OMASTAAAARRRRRRRRRR come do battle with my fins.


I like the last Aquarium. *imagines it bigger, with evangelions inside* ~SPAZZ~

I like souvenirs like these. Like tokens or gym badges ;w;

We left and went somewhere unnamed and shot water at each other while eating Peppero. PEPPEROOOOOO I WANT MOAAARRRR. I ended up fleeing at the sight of Yuki OTL [BRIGHT OBJECT APPROACHING AT HIGH VELOCITY. EVADE 180DEGREES] Trololololl~~ Scabbers was there too, scurrying about here and there. After that, we took the Broadwalk back to Vivo~

Toilet camwhores before CHANGE OVER~

my use of pixlr-o-matic is Inoran's fault OTL

Shit. I'm fat and ugly OTL -stabs self- Just die dammit. 
Why would you even- 
 Is ass reduceable T_T

And since this trip is conveniently in April, how is it not Saga's Birthday trip >.>;;;;  I had to laugh. She brought up that she wanted to visit Aquarium in April right after she decided she doesn't want to celebrate her birthday. M-HM~~~ Art of convenience, converging intentions, this is what I speak of 8D

Although initially I did not actually intend to have everyone cosplay as well. I thought I'd do it alone on a whim, but that it would be nice if it was a Tsuritama trip. LOL. Tada~ It's the best when shit just falls into place. Like it's meant to be instead of planning so hard just so it would hit the fan.



Time Recorded: 12:21 AM


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