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Monday, July 9, 2012

Cosfest day 2

I flatlined early last night.

Left the house a bit later than planned... Got beaten by Kai. Pavilion restrooms weren't open yet because I think it wasn't 11 yet.. Met up at E-Hub, took almost an hour to change, and then to BK for half a meal and more transforming. My field of vision is by default highly limited when I have a destination in sight. Didn't see a whole group of SJCC peeps there until I was called out. ahahah~ miss hanging out during club sessions man. After done eating and stuff, Ginchiyo and Chosokabe went to dock bags at unofficial luggage dumpsite. Wish there were some kind of security, but we left it to faith in humanity OTL

Didn't get anything from the booths sadly.... Wanted Sherlock stuff but no money to spend and still in debt... Yuui-chan joined us a bit later, I can't trace back my memories ;; Something... something.... something.... shrimp Ciel.. he was rocking on his heels and bumped into me while I was trying to patch up Smith... once okay... twice... thrice.... not natural oredy. I know I'm wearing armour, but no need treat me like wall right. Told him off and finished Smith. Was going to rant to Motochika and Yuui but they were caught up by something more amazing~~ -jumps in- Took a photo with Tatsumi Inui and got his card again, this time signed xD Took with Kotori too... but didn't get her card. She didn't hear me T_T I must look foolish standing there infront of her looking all purple... ugh...  I pity her being forced to try durian puff. Seriously... that was improper. But she kept her cool and tried it anyway... You don't.... ask a stranger to take food from your hand and eat it... You just don't.... She still didn't hear me ask and I was still standing there foolishly. Retreated after deciding we paise enough. Something.... something.... Fire Bomber \o/

These contestant... they sure put a lot into each performance... It's hard to imagine the costs. I'll never be able to achieve the plans that would at least match up to current standards... It just keeps getting better. Scaffolds for crying out loud... And the lights, mechanics, crew. Freedom and a blazing soul, not one without the other.

Been meaning to crack open a folder for performance.. Draw up a draft with Kai. I know we have to be more assertive but..... put together 2 low self-esteems buggers... the most we can do is help each other hang onto cliff. haha.

Didn't get many coscards unfortunately... but treasure those we get ^^

Nadleeh was out of particles because I didn't charge him. Dumb... He was stuck to Motochika's buttcheek most of the time. Changed out around 5, and I went home while Kai went on a quest to return a coconut to the beach. I thought it made so much sense, I didn't question it. Should have had Motochika pose with it though.

Will wait for Yuui's shots so in the mean time, study for test!!

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Time Recorded: 10:08 AM


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