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Sunday, December 18, 2011

EOY 2011

[copied from Deviantart]

Let's start with the beginning of the day, which was not supposed to be. I wasn't supposed to sleep. It was 4:50AM and I was waiting for 6:00AM to arrive. But I was in the dark, and silence, and I have to admit I was sleepy. But I kept switching places and literally forcing my eyes to open and take in as much light as nocturnal creatures do. And I swear, I did not stop. Apparently I went into a state of suspension and FELL ASLEEP. After all the effort!!!! Now this is bad. Because I know I should not sleep or I won't wake up. I set multiple alarms which never do their job on me. Kai SMSed me so many times. And then she called once, and I immediately woke up with once again, like a broken record, "fuck." We were supposed to meet up at the mall at 8 and take a bus to the event. It was... 8:30AM. I hadn't packed. I did write down a list of what to bring in the futile effort to keep awake though. So I stuffed things into my bag, and damn thankful that I left my armour with Kai the night before. Kicked Sai awake and gave her a list too. It was 9 when I left the house. Grabbed a cab, pick up Kai at the mall and off to RP thinking of the countless times I made her wait >.>

We got our passes, then headed to the dressing rooms. Tsk. We weren't that late. After a while of sitting down in an attempt to calm self down from distortion and the promise of further distortion, we got dressed. This was one of the rare times I got in costume faster than her which is nothing to brag about. Sai was still not there yet. She reached around 11, I can't recall, but it was before the briefing by Tim at 11:45. After that was lunch, so it was her turn to get dressed. I would really advise against not trying full costume like, the day before or something, but I did only finish her costume that morning before I went into that involuntary state of suspension. Stuff falling off, sticky things not doing their job. We hot-glued things that aren't meant to be permanent. But that's okay. We sat down with a few other performers and ate food that refused to make themselves at home in my stomach. It was nice food, but I think I was nervous.

ya think?

Anyhows. We went out to roam a bit before we have to report backstage, and it was really a bit. Kaika spotted us and we chatted a bit, and I bet she didn't know I secretly had stars behind my eyes ☆o☆. I'm damning myself for forgetting to bring my primary coscard case. It wasn't in the list!!! Suddenly it was 2PM. Backstage, after popping into another dressing room and crapping around, we -tried- to do a few runs with Knife, our Ninja Sith Villain Dude. I don't remember if we managed to. It was time to standby at the stage area. There was confusion with microphones and music. That was settled. But the music started a bit too early for Motochika.

The three of us; Motochika, Gracia and me went out together, but Motochika started first while me and Gracia stoned below the stage. First step, Motochika accidentally released his plectrum and it went flying across stage. Attempting to keep cool, his whole choreography changed as it was improvised into a plot to get that thing back. Of course I wasn't aware of any of this because I was stoning. My cue to enter... so far so good.... then it reached the part where me and him did a sparring sequence. What happened next happened before during practice, but without casualties. Not this time though. Smith, my sword, got caught between Motochika's legs as we were turning, and I heard a snap. I kept breathing. Keep calm. Continue the choreo. And then I looked down and saw he was broken. A couple of inches from the tip was hanging from layers of podge and paint. I sighed. I kept my still poses to those that wouldn't make him look obviously broken. At the corner of my eye, I notice Gracia's got a knot in her ribbon. I refuse to be bothered. When the intro was over, me and Motochika took our mics. I put Smith down as I was supposed to, and on cue, I spoke my line. And then Motochika tried to say his. His mic was off. Resisting the urge to say his lines for him, I continued as if nothing happened. After a few lines, then it came on. Though I shudder to think what my voice really sounds like, we got through that, and it was about time Ninja Sith came on with Gracia. I can't remember the sequence of events, but before the fighting scene, I knew I had to do something to the limping Smith. Warrior mode on, I stepped on the broken part and ripped it off, killing him. At least now I wouldn't have to worry about how it would look like flapping about. And another thing. I wouldn't have to hold back much against the lightsaber. Motochika shoved the Sith to me and I fought. It felt like this time in secondary school where I fought a guy using bokken. We didn't hold back, and the weaker sword was spitting splinters into the air like magic. Only now, it was foam. I felt satisfaction. The lights went off, and we walked off stage. As I was expecting silence as if we didn't even appear on stage, it was pleasant to know the seats were not filled with crickets (honestly, the audience is hidden behind light and smoke, I could barely tell up from ahead.) I accidentally kicked the original broken-off portion in the dark while walking off, which was fortunate because I was wondering how I'd get it back, or if it would lay there on stage for the rest of the day.

After mental head-bashing for mistakes and mourning Smith's death, we went out to roam some more. Double cursing self for not bring coscard case. We went into the auditorium to catch our Ninja Sith, who by then would have been in his third costume change, performing in his singing group. We were early and managed to catch some enjoyable performances. There we realised how close the stage actually was. And the hopes that our mistakes would be blurred out crashed. Facepalms later, we're enjoying some favourite songs. It feels distant to watch the people you were in the same dressing room with. Like "heeeeyyy that girl was beside us and we barely talked to herrrr". Some time around 5, me and Motochika went back to the dressing rooms. Gracia and her ever missing presence have been accurately portrayed in our skit. It's based on true story yo. But she got back anyway. Before 6, we reported at stage area again, and watch Hitomi from the side >////< I was gonna fangirl her, and then Motochika beat me to it. LOLOL. That was unexpected yet completely understandable. She is frikkin adorable. After her performance, they had a cake out. And somehow all performers were invited to stage. So we went. And adored Hitomi more. And got a picture with her. =///w///=~

I think we ate again then. And then changed out and cleared our stuff. I received a lovely NGE poster from Xu Yun, and she waited for us to finish clearing. Gracia ciaoed first, so me and Kai went back with her. I was supposed to drop dead in the bus but we ended up talking and I just built up my headache stronger XD

And here I am now.

Stalker pic of Hitomi eating XD

~in the dressing room~




Big ass mirrors to see all angles

Big Thank You to Tim, Vincent, Shi Hai, Backstage crew I can't put names on the faces, THANKS FOR EOY~

I believe in our Warrior Spirit. GO TEAM~~

Time Recorded: 5:45 PM


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