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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Hello from 2017

I had a chance to sew yesterday but i ended up lying in bed amd watching "youre beautiful" instead of looking for extension for sewing machine.

Next immediate plan is galaxy yukata!

Got the cloth on the left. The one on the right would be awesome but its more ex haha. Turns out Kai bought the same cloth too for something else.

I went to spotlight to get a sewing machine actually. Hurray.

This was the pattern I drafted from the previous yukata that I'll use again. Abby might come for the coming matsuri, I wanna lend her my white one. I wonder if we should plan for yoyo catching. I get zero satisfaction playing that thing 😂 

After this is Barriss upgrade, TBF and SNK(?)

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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Zeroan gakuen edits. Idk if they look ok or not

I take advantage of solo to not care about going well with other edits. 

Pls doodle a car in

Kay so.. I wana bitch about us right now.. Like. See this grp shot. It was obvious we had to try too hard to fit into the frame. So why didnt we move the camera back? It doesnt take that much effort, eventho our bags would get into the shot... Or whatever other excuses. I feel like we accept compromise too easily. We can still lower tripod and adjust framing to get better shot. So we still lack dramatic factor. And i suck for not making it up with editing. Thats on me. I hope we think of ways to improve efficiently.

Im not sure what to do about Thorne's and Gatsby's solo..

If i were to reflect on every 0A event since start, we did improve. Eventho the steps we take stretch a year, where others do in a month, the fact is that we really dont practice in between projects. Whatever mistakes made are made on the spot. We move on to a new experiment without trying to fix the one before. We want more than our resources can get us. In other words we are not in sync with our abilities. The gap is closing i think. Im not improving my senses though... Heiz. I wonder what we can do next to further close that gap. Transmission of vision between members is always rusty.

Seasons, external env was too out of control. Beasts, is mostly portrait focus so okay... But i was unfamiliar with cam, thats my mistake.. Zeroan, weather was pressurising. Even if i could take more shots, i wouldnt, which was why i said i was satisfied. Having existing photos to transmit image in mind helps. Luck helps too. The way each of us are, i want to move forward with realistic goals to achieve, something ive always found us lack in during communication. Inspiration that cannot be translated into our own effort will be wasted. I try to consider the parts each of us play, and i keep doubting myself if i really see our roles correctly. Somewhere along the track, we get in each other's way and a clash happens. We take half a step back and move to the side just a little bit. Im not talking about not getting along, its more of our mental strength during the physical process, its not as smooth as it can be.

It feels like there is a lot more understanding of cooperation fr me to learn.

Roughly appointing, on site, Yuui has to be initiator, Kai is director, and I am QC. +1 member wild card

Lol usually all this is just 1 photog job right. Lmao. None of us have complete photog sense if im honest. We each accept too much compromise. Ah well. I will keep these in mind fr next time.

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Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Hvnt written here in a while.. Havent written anything much fr a few months. Haha. I keep having this feeling that i shouldnt eventho i want to. But im probably just depressed now. Its been a nice few months of not being able to be depressed.

I suppose nothing is ever a big deal so whatever..

Hmm i stopped at kayochin. AFA was next major event. It was a nice event. Frm my FB album i mustve really enjoyed it. Did lol autocos of kingdoms of middle earth. Default zura (oh yes, met Sansin. Shining moment). Managed to complete relena for day 3, even found zechs n noin, n some of G's friends. That was nice.

I really dont want to decipher if my feelings about activities have changed. I doubt what i think now about whatever i feel has any actual truth.

Ah. Zero Antiquity gathering this year was interesting. We decided early on to revive zeroan gakuen. Bought skirt cloth from TB. Decide to add magic element in, so somehow all hv horns. We are some endangered species academy lol. Kai made horns for heichou. I made her skirt. N our badges (i frgot mine on the day wtf), n student ID passes (yuui brought her instax printer for us to complete it with pic). Nearing date, we decided to try levitating photomanipulation so drag stools to shoot. Use tripod for camera. Felt best about selfshoot this time. We didnt take many shots or scenes but idk man, im satisfied. Haha. Especially when thinking abt amount of editing to do for each pic. Sat down eat drink exchange gift (more like me n aki receiving belated birthday gifts). Me like the gifts they are awesome.

Went to cosfest xmas afterwards. Many backdrops to take pic at. Can i use other ppls photo n edit? I had to take out watermark.... Myb ill ask the photog when i feel up to it OTL

Oh ya, during shoot got buggers take our pic without asking. Im like YO. YOU CAN JUST ASK US RIGHT. blabla idk what i say. Standard response from bugger: avoid eye contact n walk off. _|_

I bring sai's fiqh book haha.

The event had nice ideas but please execute better if theres next time lol. Stage performance timing was trainwreck. And im sad to see the costumes on display were not mounted on proportionally. Wonder how much they lost.

Original Photos by Tan Lum Hoe

The spirit of cosplayers here are mostly selfish... Like... Not much contribution to industry or whatever, so idk how events survive... Haha

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Thursday, September 17, 2015


There are some raws that i picked over others. now looking through the original sets, i've left out a few nice ones. coz they were similar poses

there are only so many caga-looking-at-lacus shots i can tahan.
like why am i even? i wasnt even looking at kai i was looking pretty far away hahahahah

cant tell if the editing looks different

and then i woke up and

is this weird


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Monday, September 14, 2015


HP toilet had many cosers dressing up in~ somehow nontan and pana took very long to put on makeup as always. nandeee~ okay in the end the costume really not bad ahahah~~ a lot better than from other stores. But somehow I feel more K-On than Rabulive D= Idol-material jyanaii. Gomen. The chest is tight yo~ and my butt big OTL what is this monstrosity. The cos fit nontan very nice. But I think nontan needs more boobs. Nice effort tho. HAHAHAH.

Made way to event area to find out there was no cosplay hall D= looks like theyve caught on to us freeloaders. hahaha~~ and the frigging clogging of halls.

Quanta freaked out the day before and screen unresponsive after I made him do the sexy time with other headphones. My stuff really dont like being unloyal. HURHUR. So Arios took over.

Was looking out for other LL cosers but somehow feel ignored by many. haha~ I guess if the series is popular to cos, people don't really bother much? haha~ I have to say this was kind of an experiment.

.... wat cos isnt tho..

tried to take some solos in bad lighting. hahaahaaa fuck

I tried to do the cutesy fist pose and i just look like I wana fucking punch someone. HEIZ. Nozomi look like wana eat children alive. sometimes xD

The usual gang always so easy to bump into~

Found Rin and Kotori~ ah small young cosers ;w; Come take pic w obaasans

Ehh why Nozomi no photobomb..

Met up with Fi (long taim no seeee). Was going to head over to Esplanade for noms. On phone with Kitty and then saw Jacky walking towards us *0*

Bounced over and asked for pic in complete GLEE coz like. We came for him HAHAHA.

UwU After like thanking and gonna reluctantly walk away, he took out card case to give us his coscard. AAAAAHHH YEY gave him GWing card and wish I knew what he was sayinnngg. GYAAAA

Feel like event over can go home *___* hahahaha brain spazz

All the time kitty was still on the line?! D8 ffffffff-----

HAHA sorry kitty ;w;

So Pana, Nontan and Fi went for lunch.

and then back to event. Kitty and Heichou arrived. And then the KKK roamed around aimlessly.

My chest button did an Aunt Marge while we were chatting with Lacus and Gryffindor tomodachi HAHAHA. Am somehw proud it happened instead of being embarrassed. 

So this niconico is the kind of body taobao costumes are made for. 

Squalo and Xanxus YAAASS more KHR please

Ayanami~ They were walking off so didn't get pic with Asuka 


We were indoors, and Kai looking out the glass, said "Isn't that......"

I looked and jawdrop. WHAT IS THIS. SNEAKY. JIN. This time with Miguel *_____*

Staff-san nice to let us snappy snappy. UwU

I hide behind this school girl cos and happily freak out~



This was cute lmao Kai's fringe kept flying in the wind 


 there were quite a few Gintama coses didn't get to take pic ;o;

This end here. Went to PS to send Quanta fr repair. Still in cos haha. Bumped into Wolf~

I think Kai felt sadder abt the SR losses coz I can say bye to LL acct~ Me I just. I wonder if my luck would remain the next round starting over.

This was Hanayo~ now possessed with rabu of rice. srsly im eating my third plate help.

[hate to end post like this but i was supposed to go the next day with minion n sai. we were ready to leave. then no head no tail shit on our existence. fcking brilliant. tix secured and all.]

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